An important aspect of a digital workspace is the accessibility of applications. By uniting all the applications people need during their working day in one overview you will save them hours in searching the application. And to save you even more time, our partner Insign.It made it possible to also deploy local applications and launch them using Workspace 365 as well.

Check out this interview where our colleague Gijs van Hees, Head of Partner Success, talks with Mark Grasmayer, Head of Marketing from Workspace 365, about what challenge the local app launcher solves for customers. ↡

Build your own digital workspace solution in Workspace 365

As Workspace 365 is a vendor agnostic platform, our partners can also build their own solutions on top of it. One of the partners that developed their own solution is While many organisations are moving to the cloud, sometimes people still need to use local applications. To simplify access to these local applications used the local app launcher to develop another time saving tool. They developed a feature that enables employees to deploy local applications, like video editing programs, AutoCad, and more, with one single click.

APIs and tools to build your own solutions

Within Workspace 365 we have different APIs and tools that allow you to build your own solutions within Workspace 365. This way, you enable your employees to work more efficiently as you connect all the information, data and different platforms in one adaptive workspace.

APIs Description
Micro Apps Unite all your business processes, tasks and information in your digital workspace by connecting your applications to our Micro Apps.
Activity Feed API Connect countless of applications to your Activity Feed, such as external information, tasks and notifications, to enable a task-based approach of working.
Announcement API With the Announcement API you can create and send automated announcements to improve the information flow within your organisation.
Scripts in workspaces With this API you can add a piece of ‘code’ to the page, which is an ‘html script’. With this you can add for example a chatbot or analytics to your digital workspace.
iFrames for Web content Bring web content to your digital workspace, such as interesting topics, the weather forecast, Spotify playlists, an entire intranet page or statistic dashboard, and more to create an information-rich workspace.
Azure AD Sync Tool Access all your applications with one click without having to log in again with Single Sign-On, and set up a Multi-Factor authentication on specific applications for extra security.

The Workspace 365 local app launcher

With the Local App Launcher people can open applications from their browser. By bringing those applications to the workspace, you will create one place where people find all their web-, hosted-, and local applications. That way they don’t have to search for applications and have one central point of access. Additionally, you can integrate the application groups within your existing intranet or portal to benefit from the Local App Launcher and Conditional Access wherever you want to open your applications

Benefits of the local app launcher:

  • You can manage and deliver applications from one central location
  • You can set conditions on applications (e.g. hide them on a mobile device or outside of the company network)
  • People can access everything they need from one digital workspace

Extension of the local app launcher by

When gives a user permission to the application, the local app launcher will detect if the application is installed, if this is the case it will open the application directly without having to log in again. If the application is not installed, the local app launcher will then automatically install the application for the end user. can now really help their customers with all their services in one place. They can offer additional services to their customers and it gives them a unique Workspace 365 proposition as well.

In this video we’ll illustrate how the local app launcher works within Workspace 365:

Set preferences on opening apps

Besides opening local applications from your workspace with the local app launcher, you can also set arguments to open actions. With this, you can easily determine for each application how you want to open it. For example, when you open a Word document it will open directly in Word Online. The possibilities for this are endless.

Why should our partners develop other integrations?

One of the biggest reasons why you should develop integrations, is because you know what the customer needs and what is important for them. When you integrate other solutions within Workspace 365, you offer your customers an all in one service in one digital workspace. This will help you to stand out as a Managed Service Provider or Value Added Reseller.

Also, when you create a new integration for your customer within Workspace 365, you’ll differentiate yourself from other partners and offer a unique proposition.

Gijs Head of Partner success
Kelly van der Horst

Kelly van der Horst

Content creator

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