Where do you find the URL for sharing a SharePoint RSS feed? In this blog, I’ll explain to you how to find the SharePoint RSS feed URL, so you can integrate it into your digital workspace or intranet. With SharePoint, you can easily share news, files and information with the entire company. By integrating a SharePoint site in your digital workspace or intranet through an RSS feed, you stimulate the use of it. From your workspace, you open all your applications, documents, information and emails daily, which makes it the best place to show organisational news. Discover how you can find the SharePoint RSS feed URL and integrate it into your digital workspace or intranet in just 8 steps:

Rather want to watch? In this video below we will explain all the steps.

Step 1

Go to the home page of Office 365.

Step 2

Click the SharePoint site of which you want to integrate the RSS feed.

Step 3

When you are in the site you want to integrate, navigate to “Pages” in the menu bar on the left. This will direct you to the list view. Click on “By Author” and navigate to “Edit current view” in the drop down menu.

Step 4

You will be directed to the settings, where you will see an orange RSS icon on the right. Click on this and you will go to the page with the RSS feed URL. Copy the RSS feed URL from your browser.

Note: SharePoint has many different options and the interface may not always be consistent, so it’s possible you may have to search a little to get to the list view, but from there all the steps are the same.

Integrate the SharePoint RSS feed URL in your digital workspace

When you’ve found the URL, you can continue with the next step. In Workspace 365, we have made it easy to integrate the SharePoint RSS feed, so you can easily and automatically show news based on someone’s role, device and location. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 5

Go to your adaptive workspace and login as an admin or owner.

Step 6

Open the Workspace 365 App Store and create a new RSS tile.

Step 7

Edit the RSS tile. Paste the RSS feed URL and voila, you instantly see the desired SharePoint site in your workspace.

Step 8

Click ‘Groups/users’ to decide to whom this tile will be available.

Voila, your SharePoint news will be displayed in your digital workspace:

Workspace 365

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Curious about what else you can do with RSS feeds? Read the article: ”Twelve examples of RSS feeds.”


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