Digital workspace to engage co-workers and boost their impact

Create the ultimate workspace for culture, communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Workspace 365 intranet

Ensure optimal connection between your organisation and employees

Enhance the employee experience and engagement by fusing the workday and communication into one personalised experience – including frontline, deskless and remote colleague.

Unite the digital workspace and the intranet

Streamline processes and collaboration

Empower employees with the right information

One platform for IT, HR, Communication and more

Communication in Workspace 365

Connect with frontline and remote workers

In one overview you can see all your emails, appointments, news, announcements and more. And you can easily connect frontline and remote employees with each other. This way, you make sure that they can work together; more easily and efficiently.

Intranet versus digital workspace:
why choose?

Communication and collaboration are part of people’s workday, so why separate it from everything else?

Make sure people see important information first, by showing it in the place they access every day to do their work.

All your information in one platform

Better adoption of the intranet

Reduce costs and increase development

Workspace 365 frontline

Increase the adoption of
Microsoft 365

Within Workspace 365 we unite all your documents from SharePoint, OneDrive and your fileserver in an easy-to-use Document App. You can bring your news from SharePoint to the workspace and use the user-groups from Azure to target announcements and give permissions.
Business continuity intranet

How can you improve your business continuity with an intranet?

The topic of business continuity has moved up the agenda of many organisations since the corona crisis. The combination of a cloud migration and a digital workspace with an integrated intranet is a huge boost to business continuity. We explain the benefits in this...
intranet in digital workspace

How can you set up a successful intranet within the digital workspace?

The intranet and the digital workspace have traditionally been fundamentally different concepts, which are now increasingly converging. With a complete, adaptive digital workspace you don't have to choose between these two: it is a digital workplace and a (social)...
Intranet werknemerstevredenheid

How a great intranet results in high employee satisfaction

Intranets were once static one-way channels for sharing company news. Modern intranets are interactive, dynamic, personalised and offer much more than just news. We explain how a modern and social intranet can boost employee satisfaction. The modern intranet: social,...
Business benefits intranet

4 business benefits of using intranet technology

If you still think of the intranet as an un-user-friendly work portal where you can only read company news, you may be living in the wrong era (or your company does). We don’t blame you. In the world of technology, things change all the time, and they change fast!...
IT versus Communications

IT versus Communications: who rules the intranet?

So, who rules your company intranet? Is it your IT function? Perhaps it’s your Internal Communications team? Could it be a completely different department like HR or Knowledge Management? Or perhaps it’s a mix of all these different support functions? The question of...
Intranet 30

Intranet 3.0: The next stage of the modern intranet

Though dozens of articles may try to convince you otherwise, the intranet is not dead. On the contrary: having a modern intranet is now more important than ever. However, it can look different from the traditional static intranet you may be used to. Its role has...
Take your intranet to the next level

Take your intranet to the next level: 4 articles

In the past few years, the modern intranet has changed drastically – from static to dynamic, and from a platform for sending information top-down to a collaboration hub. Now, the market is changing even more and the line between the digital workspace and the intranet...
Benefits intranet digital workspace

7 benefits of integrating the intranet with your digital workspace

Employees are very busy. Every day they have tasks they need to complete and things that need to get done. How often have you felt like there are not enough hours in the day or been overwhelmed by the length of your ‘to-do’ list? However, there are ways that...
Workspace 365 intranet as a service

Intranet as a Service: Continuous innovation

The time of the traditional intranet is almost over, as more and more organisations are moving to Intranet as a Service. But what is Intranet as a Service? And what are the benefits? In this blog we’ll explain what Intranet as a Service is, what the benefits are and...
Customer Success Workspace 365

What does the Workspace 365 Customer Success Team do?

“Customer Success” is an increasingly common term, but what exactly is it and what do the Customer Success Makers of Workspace 365 do? In this article, we explain what it is and how we help our customers to become successful with the adaptive workspace, and our...
Elevate your intranet NL Workspace 365

Whitepaper: Elevate your intranet – Unite Communication & IT

Discover the role of the intranet in times of digital workspaces. Learn how IT & communication managers elevate their intranet and build roadmaps to digital workspaces.

We found it is time to reflect on the current trends. Discover the role of the intranet within this whitepaper. What you’ll get:


Roadmap to unite the intranet and digital workspace


Understanding of digital workspace costs


Cheat sheets of jargon and buzz words for IT & Communication managers

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