Terms & Conditions Workspace 365

Below are the Workspace 365 End User License Agreement and the General terms and conditions for the development of bespoke functionality.

The terms and conditions below were reviewed in November 2022. We updated the Workspace 365 Processing Agreement. Other than that no changes were made.

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The End User License Agreement or EULA applies to your subscription for Workspace 365. It describes what we will provide to you as part of a subscription, the rules that apply to your use of Workspace 365, what guarantees we offer and what happens if things go wrong.

The General Terms and Conditions for the development of bespoke functionality apply to all oral and written offers and resulting agreements for the development and subsequent introduction of bespoke functionality in Workspace 365 or in (changes or enhancements of) Business Apps.

Workspace 365 End User License Agreement

Workspace 365 General terms and conditions for the development of bespoke functionality

In the Workspace 365 EULA we agreed with you that we shall provide you with a standard processing agreement which shall govern how we process personal data on your behalf. Below you can find this agreement.

Workspace 365 Processing Agreement