Less IT frustrations, more focus on healthcare

Our adaptive digital workplace simplifies IT for healthcare organisations, allowing healthcare workers to focus on what truly matters - providing care.

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Healthcare healthcare

Join the 120+ healthcare companies using the Workspace 365 platform.

Everything simplified

All tools and information in one place

Streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and let healthcare workers focus on delivering exceptional care, without the burden of IT distractions.

unite everything

Access all information

Make it easier than ever to securely access relevant applications, patient information, and gain valuable insights from EPD systems.

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Mobility and flexibilty

Work from any location, at any time

It doesn’t matter if healthcare workers are working in the hospital, or at the patients’ home. With our mobile friendly interface they can work flexibly and efficiently from anywhere.

Healthcare mobile

Improved internal communication

Connect teams, and improve internal collaboration. Experience a seamless and efficient way of working together with your team. In the Hub you can share announcements with specific groups or the entire organisation, and easily share knowledge articles and events.

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Adaptive digital workplace

A personalised and secure
digital workplace

We prioritise the needs of healthcare workers, ensuring secure remote access to applications, and streamlined processes to maximise productivity.

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