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We are in business to simplify work-life

Embracing our Dutch roots while adopting a global perspective. We're on a mission to simplify the complex IT environment. We understand that when things are streamlined, people find greater happiness, productivity soars, and collaboration blossoms. 

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We are inclusive, responsible, ambitious, fun, challenging and supportive, with core values that underpin both our growth and yours.

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We offer an ideal environment for personal growth and development in our vibrant hubs located in Nijkerk and Manchester. With a diverse community of colleagues from around the world, we value authenticity and provide not just opportunities for professional development, but also engaging activities that make work at our organisation more than just a job.

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We are not just a place to work. We are a community that values individuality and personal development. Here, authenticity and self-improvement are celebrated. We value your individual strengths and believe that they can contribute to the growth and prosperity of Workspace 365. We are committed to providing you with the time and resources needed to pursue your ambitions and personal development. Join us for an unforgettable journey!

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