Work from anywhere with a digital workplace for education

Our adaptive digital workplace for education combines the information and tools teachers, students, and staff need to communicate and collaborate effectively from any location, and on any device.

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Join the 1,500 companies+ using Workspace 365.

Adaptive digital workplace

Everything you need, in one adaptive digital workplace

Say goodbye to scattered documents and endless searches for important information. Bring all applications, information, and documents together in one centralised location.


Easier collaboration between all user groups

Teachers, administrators, and staff can collaborate effortlessly by sharing documents, scheduling meetings, and engage with people through the Address Book. This streamlined collaboration fosters teamwork and enhances productivity.


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Streamline administrative tasks

Simplify education management by centralising all necessary tools and information in one platform. With our intuitive navigation and user-friendly features, you can streamline administrative tasks like never before.

Adaptive digital workplace

Easy access to the adaptive digital workplace

Our personalised digital workplace is tailored to the needs of students, teachers, and staff. Accessible from anywhere, and saves time with Single Sign-On.

A true digital workplace solution for Larkmead School

Larkmead School transitioned from their old IT system to a modern digital workplace with Workspace 365. 

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