More time for service with the simplest digital workplace for retail

Workspace 365 is a complete and personalised adaptive digital workplace, accessible from any device and location.

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Ensure that retail employees can work as efficiently as possible

An adaptive digital workplace for retail provides access to real-time data and information, enabling employees to make faster decisions and better respond to changing customer needs. Whether for collaboration, communication or productivity, a digital workplace offers the opportunity to simplify processes and work more efficiently.

An adaptive digital workplace which is accessible from any device and any location

All business processes combined in one adaptive digital workplace

Improved productivity and better collaboration between different teams

Reduce your operational costs and increase security with a digital workplace


Combine all the applications and information your employees need

Employees working in shops always have the right instructions to provide a good customer experience and warehouse employees always have real-time insight into information such as stock. A digital workplace also simplifies processes and administration without piles of paper.

Integrate all the systems you need and improve collaboration between all your employees.

Workspace 365 document app
Role location device

A role-based digital workplace

View the right information and applications at the right time, and the right place.

Workspace 365 can be easily customised for different user groups, and the workplace automatically adapts based on role, location, device, network and more.

This way, you enable secure and efficient location-independent working.

Whitepaper: The price and ROI of a digital workplace

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Digital workplace strategy and organisational goals


Understand the cost of a digital workplace


Calculate the ROI of your digital workplace

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