More time for service with the simplest digital workspace for retail

Workspace 365 is a complete and very simple mobile digital workspace for retail.

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Why retail chooses Workspace 365


Improve collaboration from any location


Simplify processes without paperwork


Relevant information directly to the right people


Customisable for every type of employee


Flexible and scalable, grows or reduces with the amount of employees


Everything combined in one simple workspace

The customer comes first

So it’s important to give the customer the best possible experience. IT should support you in this and not get in the way; the time of mass e-mails is over.

With Workspace 365 everyone has a personal digital workspace for retail, customised to which applications and information they need.

This way, employees on the shop floor always have the right instructions to offer a consistent customer experience, employees in the warehouse always have real-time insight into information such as stock, processes and administration are simplified without piles of paperwork, you integrate all systems you need and improve the collaboration between all types of employees.

Simplify Office 365

Open and edit documents through a simplified interface on SharePoint & OneDrive.

Faster access with SSO

All your applications in one clear overview and accessible after one login.

Information in one glance

Create an intranet with insights in e-mail, calendar, documents, news, statistics, applications and more.

Hybrid workspace

Combine cloud, online and on-premises services in one online workspace.


Integrate the fileserver

Bring fileserver and Office 365 documents together in one document app.


Safer access

Secure web- and Windows apps, intranet and the fileserver with multifactor authentication.

Role-based access to apps

Make web- and Windows applications available for groups and individuals in only a few clicks.

Existing systems

Link to current user-management systems. This way you implement the workspace in one day.

Succesful together

Workspace 365 is constantly evolving, because the field of retail is too. We continue to listen to the desires, questions, needs and challenges organisations deal with to continually improve the digital workspace for retail and adjust it to what your organisation needs.

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