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Focus and flow are so hard to find in today’s world, but they’re things that make work rewarding. We are simplifying the IT landscape, by uniting every apps, company info and personal documents, all in one interface. However, whenever and wherever you choose to work.


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We’re on a mission. We aim to deliver simplicity to the world of digital work. We are dedicated to drive efficiency by removing IT complexities and uniting information and teams. Our aim is to personalise your digital workplace so that you can unlock your full work focus.

Simplified access
Simplified communication
Simplified workflows
Simplified access
Simplified communication
Simplified workflows

Simplified access

Provide centralised access to all apps, documents, and information you need. Easily connect legacy systems with the cloud, and increase user productivity, regardless of time or location. With a range of tools such as Citrix, ClientlessRDP, Azure Virtual Desktop, Fileserver, VMware, and Liquit, we offer flexibility and efficiency without compromising security.

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simplified access

Simplified communication

Benefit from various functionalities, such as The Hub, SharePoint and Viva Engage integrations, an Address Book Centre, and other intranet functionalities. This wide range of possibilities strengthens the bond between employees and promotes effective information sharing and collaboration.

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Simplified communication

Simplified workflows

Streamline processes by providing approvals and updates in a single overview. Utilise the Smart Global Search feature for efficient searches, and leverage Open API's to seamlessly connect all your apps to a unified interface, enhancing productivity and connectivity. We connect with TOPdesk, OpenIMS, Egnyte, and many other integrations to simplify information flows, and increase employee efficiency.

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simplified workflows

What our customers and partners say

Working with Workspace 365 simplifies and streamlines the use of Microsoft 365 applications such as SharePoint. We have built Workspace 365 into our main managed service offering to support teams boost their productivity. Workspace 365 allows us to deliver cloud solutions to our partners faster than traditional methods.
Mike Douglass
Co-Founder & Commercial Director, labdesk
“From the demo to our proof-of-concept trial - seeing was believing. The value is self-evident and MSPs will definitely see the benefit.”
Preben Abel
Strategic Partner manager, Ikomm
“When you look at competitors like Citrix and Microsoft themselves, they all provide excellent solutions, but what sets Workspace 365 apart is the value for money of their excellent solution.”
Henk Liebeek
Product Manager, Claranet Benelux

"If I had to describe Workspace 365 in one word it would be: complete. You have everything you need for your work in one overview."

Laura Sint Nicolaas
Head of PR and Communication, Christelijk College Groevenbeek

“It didn’t take long for me to get the kind of feedback I’d never had before. Normally when we introduce something we get a lot of kickback, what I got here was: why haven’t we had this for years?”

Keith Hollins
Innovation and Transformation Manager, Allerdale Borough Council

“Since the launch of the new digital workplace, employees can easily find information and we receive hardly any questions about where they can find certain documents or policies.”

Joeri van Etten
Marketing & Communication Advisor, Faber Halbertsma Group

A personalised work experience for all employees

Stay in control of information access, whilst giving your teams everything they need to do their best work. Present the digital tools your employees love and hate, connected in one place. Allow them to work anywhere and access the information they need on any device. Improve internal communication, and stimulate collaboration.

Cloud transition

Enable a smooth cloud transition

Build a bridge between legacy systems and the cloud with an easy-to-scale workplace solution that’s ideal for secure, and flexible working.

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IT people

Improve the Digital Employee Experience

Ensure a seamless digital experience for your employees. All users, regardless of their technical background, experience the satisfaction of working effectively.

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Effective communication

Simplify communication

Remove noise by consolidating all your communication channels into a single, central hub. Enable real communication. Allow your teams to easily collaborate and stay connected.

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Streamlined efficiency

Drive efficiency and boost productivity

Streamline processes, centralise information, and foster collaboration across your organisation.

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One digital workplace at a time

Together with our partners, we are simplifying the overwhelming IT landscape

We're teaming up with our amazing partners to create a powerful force that drives people towards greatness. We believe in every individual's potential and we work relentlessly to make digital work environments simpler and more efficient. Join us on this journey towards a more productive and hassle-free digital workplace

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