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Frame by Nutanix

What is Frame – Nutanix?

Frame allows you to launch a Windows application from any device. It is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution and part of Nutanix. To use Frame you only need a browser to start applications. With Frame you have the possibility to use various infrastructures like Amazon, Google, Microsoft or Nutanix AHV.

A big advantage of Frame is that it is also possible to use heavy graphics programs like Adobe, Autocad and Blender from your browser.

Frame by Nutanix within Workspace 365

How do Frame (Nutanix) and Workspace 365 work together?

You can start Frame applications straight from Workspace 365. People get direct access to applications within a single click, without an extra login.

A unified and hybrid workspace

Within an organization, not everyone needs access to remote applications. In Workspace 365 you can easily manage the application groups, so the workspace automatically adapts to people’s role, location and device.

This way, only those people who need access to Frame applications will see them in their digital workspace, while everyone in your organisation works from one uniform workspace.

Work cross-device with the right applications

For people who work cross-device you can adjust the settings so that they don’t see their Photoshop application, for example, on devices on which the program is not suitable, such as a smartphone.

One view for applications, information and communication

Within Workspace 365 we simplify the access to applications. Additionally, we remove the complexity of switching between systems as far as possible. In the workspace you only see your most important and relevant information from the application. From the workspace you can search within various sources and all your notifications are aggregated.

In addition, the Document App combines your different storage locations. This way, employees get one view to manage all their documents from SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and the network drive.

Some advantages of using Frame from Workspace 365:

  • No VPN required, secure your workspace with MFA to securely access applications
  • Adding a Frame application to Workspace 365 takes just 20 seconds
  • You can open hosted applications with just one click (no installations or extra logins)
  • Frame supports heavy graphics programs
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Possible to connect local devices such as printers or a joystick
  • Set conditional access on Frame applications. For example, to hide applications on smartphones or insecure networks.
  • All your Frame applications are available next to the most important information and communication flows of your organisation
  • A single login to all your applications
  • Offer one digital workspace with all web, local and remote applications. Unite your applications with information from applications, the intranet, documents and your favorite Microsoft 365 components.


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