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Microsoft Power Automate

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Microsoft Power Automate is a service that allows you to connect applications to streamline and automate work processes. You can connect any API or Microsoft service to get information and set up processes. You could, for example, create a process to approve leave requests, review documents, and more. By connecting to services you can use tools, such as Microsoft Flow, to send input to Power Automate, which will then check conditions and send the output to a different application.

How do Microsoft Power Automate and Workspace 365 work together?

Within Workspace 365 you can use Microsoft Power Automate to get your most important activities and notifications within your Activity Feed. You can set this up using the Workspace 365 Activity Feed API. Connecting with Power Automate will give you the following advantages:

  • A single overview to all your applications, documents, communication and notifications within Workspace 365.
  • Get data from third-party applications and send them to your activity feed (e.g. missed calls, leave requests, messages from Teams, tasks from your CRM and a lot more).
  • Enable citizen integration and development within your digital workplace.
  • Get the most out of your Microsoft 365 license by using everything that is included within your adaptive workspace.


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