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Microsoft Power BI

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI offers you a set of analytical tools that can link different data sources together and visualizes it. From your Power BI dashboard you can easily get one overview of all your relevant data, such as sales figures, achieved goals, website visits, patient admissions and much more. There are dashboards tailored to each role. By making all this data clear in Power BI, you can easily record, present, interpret and discover connections.

How do Microsoft Power BI and Workspace 365 work together?

By integrating Power BI into your adaptive workspace, Workspace 365 keeps you up to date with all your most important data at a glance.

  • Immediately discover changes in important data so you can move from information to action by merging information in a central location with your tools in the workspace
  • Easily keep track of real-time relevant information by making it visual on your workspace dashboard
  • Use recent and old data to make predictions and discover trends
  • Make better-informed, data-driven decisions
  • Ask simple questions that Power BI answers directly


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