Advantages for Workspace 365 partners

Dear potential partner,

We believe that Workspace 365 should be part of a complete offering. All your solutions, migration, daily support and everything what’s needed to build an ultimate workspace, for every employee. We help our partners to build their own proposition. 

Therefore, we decided to build partnerships with companies who cover all the IT needs for their customers. While doing this, we are always obsessed with one question: How can we help our partners to be successful? 

After  using our partner success formula, we will observe how you start creating the magic, landing pages of your white label workspace, campaigns and product demo’s. And while observing how you differentiate from your competitors, we will be ready to help with your first customers.

Kind regards,
Erik Nicolai
CEO & Founder

ps. check out some of the hosted or self-hosted white label workspaces from our partners below, would love to show more examples in an online call.


Partner Boost Program

Offer a white label hosted or self-hosted workspace

Implementation in a datacenter of your choice to fully integrate with the core infrastructure of your customers

Support training: How to setup workspaces and answer first line questions


Sales training: How to get the 'wow effect' during presentations


Existing customer plan: Lowering your service costs and to make sure that they don't want to leave you


Benefits of a white label Workspace 365 partnership

Combine the old- (file servers & hosted desktops) with the new IT world (cloud & web applications)


Upsell on Office 365 or Exchange & SharePoint


All your services in one white label portal


Simplify workspace management


Become a Workspace 365 partner: (self-)hosted or via a distributor 

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