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8 February 2018

Clientless RDP: what is it and what is the use of it?

Kelly van der Horst
clientless rdp

We regularly receive questions about our Clientless RDP: what is it? How is it different from a normal Remote Desktop? And the most crucial question: what is the best use of it? In this blog, we provide answers to these questions. 

What are the disadvantages of a Remote Desktop?

To understand what Clientless RDP is, you must first understand what a Remote Desktop is and how it works. In fact, with a Remote Desktop you can access another computer remotely. You can store files and install software on the so-called "host computer", which can then be accessed from other devices. However, a client must be installed in advance on the device that you want to connect to the host computer. To do this, you first have to log in to your own computer, then log in to a web portal or e-mail to gain access to the download link with which the client can be installed. This is the only way you can log in to the Remote Desktop and start the necessary applications on your own device.

The use of a Remote Desktop is often experienced as difficult and complicated. The user has to deal with multiple passwords, it is sometimes difficult to find the client and it is very difficult to reach one specific application.

How do we solve this?

These problems are solved with Clientless RDP within Workspace 365. Sometimes an organisation cannot avoid using Remote Applications. Fortunately, it is now a lot easier than with a traditional Remote Dekstop.

With Clientless RDP, remote applications can be reached without having to install a client, logging in or searching for the right application within the Remote Desktop.

What is Workspace 365 Clientless RDP?

With the Clientless RDP within Workspace 365 you can add remote applications directly to your workspace. In this way you can simply click on the required application within the digital workplace and it will open immediately - without hassle, detours and without logging in.

The use of a Clientless RDP over a traditional Remote Desktop has a number of important advantages:

  • Access remote applications from any device, without first having to install anything.
  • One digital workspace for all applications, both local, remote and cloud applications such as Office 365.
  • Clientless RDP applications are available with a single click, without an additional login.
  • A Remote Desktop is often a "one size fits all" solution. With Workspace 365, users only see applications and information that are relevant to them.
  • Workspace 365 offers a customisable digital workspace, where e-mail, documents, live tiles and applications can be reached anytime, anywhere and from any device.
  • If there is a need for extra security, it is possible to set up multi-factor authentication. This means that users must go through an extra security step when logging in, such as receiving an SMS, before they can access the digital workspace.

Want to know more about Clientless RDP or want to experience it yourself? Request a free demo!

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