With the SLTN solution “Your Ideal Workspace”, based on Workspace 365, employees of the Vivium Zorggroep have been working from a single digital workspace since 2019 that gives access to applications and information. Both intra- and extramural users are offered this workspace tailor-made on different devices. This solution gives them easy access to the modern workspace. Vivium employees are therefore, optimally supported digitally in the execution of their work. The solution also ensures the safety and reliability of the care information. 

Work more mobile, efficiently and securely 

The workspace of caregivers should be mobile, efficient and safe, so that they can fully focus on the clients; “Moving along with the changing world”, that is the starting point of Vivium. “We are proud to work with Vivium to shape the development of its ICT facilities for employees, chain partners and clients in the coming years. SLTN will play the integration role towards various technology parties, says Chris Liebregts, Sector of Care Director at SLTN. 

“By contracting SLTN, Vivium is further fulfilling its SaaS, IaaS and Outsourcing strategy”,

Wilco Westerman, Service Delivery Manager of Vivium. 

Transition to one digital workspace 

Workspace 365 offers a digital workspace that can be accessed anytime, anywhere from various types of devices such as tablets, smartphones and notebooks. Besides, the workspace automatically adapts to people’s role, their device, location and more. The implementation of the workspace at Vivium has been accompanied by the introduction of Microsoft Surfaces devices. The digital workspace supports task-oriented work, which is important to be able to work more efficiently and to have more time for actual care. 

Implementation and adoption workspace portal for Vivium 

Vivium uses innovations such as this to achieve better ICT support for the healthcare professional. However, this does not happen by itself. To make full use of the advantages of the new technology, it is very important to pay attention to endusers, so that they can get the most out of the new functionalities within the care process. To guide the organisation in the adoption of the new workspace, SLTN works closely with a specialist in long-term care in the field of information processing and care processes. 

People working Workspace 365

About Vivium 

Vivium Zorggroep is the care specialist in the Gooi and Vechtstreek region and South Amsterdam. With 2,800 employees and over 1,000 volunteers, Vivium helps clients to continue to live their own lives at every stage of life. As healthy, vital and independent as possible. Vivium also supports partners and family if desired. For more information, seewww.vivium.nl 

About SLTN Inter Access 

SLTN Inter Access provides ICT for organisations in healthcare, financial services, industry, government and business services with a focus on data centres/cloud, infrastructure, application services, unified communication and consultancy. For more information, see: www.sltn.nl   

About Workspace 365 

Since 2010, Workspace 365 has been simplifying and combining all applications, information, intranet and document storage in a single digital workspace for every organisation. The workspace automatically adapts to your role, device, location and more.

  • Role-based workspace on any device 
  • Bring together all your information and communication  
  • Single login to your applications 
  • Integrate or replace your intranet and remote applications 

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