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Ultimate guide to digital workspace adoption Workspace 365

Embracing Workspace Program

Step 1: Adoption during choosing an online workspace

The acceptance of a digital workspace starts with the first discussion in your company. Contrary to an intranet solution, with which the communication department usually takes the lead, it is important to involve managers and leaders from all teams. Together, these people form a group which can create common goals for every persona. With this, they map all challenges they want to solve, as well as the new opportunities they want to create for their teams and organisation. 

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Step 2: What will your digital workspace change? 

Before you initiate a change, it’s good to know what that change will be exactly. Since an adaptive workspace automatically adapts to someone’s role, device and location, it’s important to know what each group will be using in the workspace. Will everyone in your company use Workspace 365? Which technology will they use? Which technology will be replaced? What is the impact of this change?

Step 3: Testing the workspace with a soft introduction

Imagine bringing your smartest people together. They create the best thinkable workspace. But immediately after the launch, you discover that one key functionality is missing. To prevent this, you always have to have a test group (or multiple, depending on your company’s size). Moreover, by letting people test the workspace, they get the feeling that they can make changes in the new workspace, which makes them more enthusiastic. 

Step 4: Launching the digital workspace

After the feedback from the test groups is processed, it is time for the launch of the workspace. Incorporate your company values in the launch of the workspace and explain how the workspace simplifies work. Explain the link between the goals, challenges and opportunities. Make it as personal as possible. For a large organisation, this can be done with the help of videos from senior leaders, combined with training sessions by team leaders or walk-in sessions when the impact of the working area of a certain group is too low. For a smaller organisation, this can be done with a launch during a company-wide meeting. Integrate a feedback from in the workspace to gather information for further improvement.

Step 5: Feedback on the digital workspace

After launching your digital workspace, you’re not done yet. If you’ve followed the previous steps, chances are that people will fully use their digital workspace. But if you’re reading this, you are probably the expert who wants to get the most value  out of the new digital workspace. That is why you need to ask the leading workspace team to gather feedback. Depending on the size of the organisation, this could be a full-time job. However, for most organisations, it is a joint effort with regular feedback sessions. During these sessions, you discover which groups need more training or adjustments. Also, you can observe the use of the digital workspace and add extra benefits for people to increase the usage. Discuss the results with your Managed Service Provider and/or IT service provider to get the maximum value out of your workspace.

Are you working with us? Discuss the feedback with us. With your feedback, we can further develop Workspace 365 to simplify your work. Ideas on how to do this are always welcome!

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