Maximize Microsoft 365

Online session with Mark Grasmayer, Head of Marketing at Workspace 365

Online session: 31 March 16:00 (+1 GMT Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris)

How do you get the most out of your Microsoft 365 investments and avoid buying unnecessary extra software? That’s what we’ll discuss in this online session. Find out how you can bridge the gap between your current IT infrastructure and the future cloud based IT services. In this 30 min session we’ll talk about:


Bringing together Microsoft 365 applications


Using SharePoint as a storage solution and integrate the file server


Using SharePoint as an intranet solution


How you can access remote apps

Watch the online session

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    About Mark Grasmayer

    Erik Nicolai - CEO Workspace 365
    Mark Grasmayer joined Workspace 365 in 2014 because he likes to connect people. By simplifying access to applications and information, we already help more than 3,000 organizations. There are over 150 managed service providers offering the adaptive workspace to their customers.