Partner Boost: A journey to partner success 

Discover how our Partner Boost Program helps MSPs and VARs to successfully simplify work

What we do for you?

Together we help thousands of companies to simplify work. To fulfill our partners needs we offer three partner levels. Next to this, we have Select partners who help us develop the workspace of the future.

Launching partner

For our Launching partners we developed the Launch Program, in the first phase they go through a onboarding which helps our partners to get a kick start on a technical, strategic and commercial level.​

Accelerate partner

For our Accelerate partners we have an on-demand program in which partners can request quarterly sales and support update sessions. Furthermore, we help them with their questions on how to be more successful with their Workspace 365 proposition.​

Thriving partner

Together with our Thriving partners we are actively looking for new ways to simplify work. Together we visit customers, train users and set up our product road map. By doing this we improve the workspace for all our partners, customers and most important everyone using the workspace. 

Partners are the foundation of Workspace 365

Together we create the best workspaces for your customers


Benefits Launching Partner Accelerate Partner Thriving Partner
Sales Training Part of onboarding On-demand (schedule below) Pro-active (request below)
Technical  training Part of onboarding On-demand (schedule below) Pro-active (request below)
Strategy session Part of onboarding On-demand (schedule below) Pro-active (request below)
Direct support 1 hour / month 2 hours / month Unlimited
Proof of Concept registration Yes Yes Yes
Access to partner portal (sales, marketing, technical documents) Yes Yes Yes
Not for Resale (NFR) Program Yes Yes Yes
Lead registration No On-demand Pro-active
Lead sharing No Yes Yes
Feature requests Partner Portal Partner Portal Direct
Minimal effort Signed (self) hosted distributor agreement 500+ licences 2,000+ licences
Minimal references 1 references 2 references
Minimal team effort Followed all onboarding trainings Two workspace experts (Functional and Technical) Dedicated workspace team

Customer support

Together with our partners, we like to help simplify work for customers. Do you have any questions about Sales or do you need help with (potential) customers or customer visits? In that case, contact [email protected].


In our blog we constantly keep you updated on the latest news surrounding Workspace 365 and our partners, updates, guest blogs and helpful articles.

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With each update, we make a video to show you what the new and improved features are and how they work. Also, you can view reference videos and our webinars, among other videos, on our YouTube channel, where you can learn more about Workspace 365. View these and many more videos on our YouTube channel.

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Support & Tips

These articles will help you, as a marketing employee, to be successful with Workspace 365.

Marketing materials

You can use these materials for marketing your digital workspace. Do you need more materials or do you want to have them in your own branding? Then contact [email protected].

Guest blog

Do you have something you’d like to draw attention to? Or do you want to show potential customers on our website what you’re an expert in? Show it in the form of a guest blog. We will share it on our blog, social channels and on your partner profile page.

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Partner Video

Show potential customers who you are and what you’re good at in a Partner Video. We will come to you to record this video and it will be edited by New Day at Work, so that you only have to introduce yourself to potential customers.

Do you have any interesting customers that use Workspace 365 and do you want to show how well you’ve helped this customer? You can also schedule recording a reference video with us.

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