Pricing of Workspace 365 for businesses


Move from an intranet or application portal to a modern digital workspace.

€ 2.70* per user/month

Offer centralized access to applications

Simplify & connect to Microsoft 365 

One easy-to-use Document App 



Offer a personalised hybrid workspace, with virtual desktop- and local apps.

€ 5.40* per user/month

Integrate your local & VDI apps

Set conditions on access to applications

Offer a native Announcement Centre



Unite all your processes in a digital workspace. More time for work.

€ 8.10* per user/month

Simplify processes using Micro Apps

Connect all your systems to our APIs

Search through all your applications


* The pricing above is a suggested retail price based on 50 seats and applies to European countries in euros and to United Kingdom in GBP. Feel free to request pricing for your country. Pricing does not include licences for third-party services.

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