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Voice of the teacher UK

Digital workplace and intranet for Education – Voice of teachers

We’ve surveyed teachers among 79 educational institutions within the United Kingdom. We wanted to find out how teachers experience their digital workspace, what they expect from their digital workspace and what their biggest frustrations are to find out what should be the focus of school leaders, Information managers and IT leaders of educational institutions.

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What is Workspace 365?

Learn everything you need to know about Workspace 365 and how you can simplify work with this adaptive workspace. Discover uniting applications, documents, information and more, centralising communication and…

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The price and ROI of a digital workspace

The price and ROI of a digital workspace depend on several factors. In this whitepaper, we discuss these factors and give you the means and methods to discover the price of your digital workspace and what the ROI of your…

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Simplify Citrix XenApp and Office 365

Simplify Citrix and combine it with Office 365 into one digital workspace. Learn how you can offer all applications, documents and information through one…

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Elevate your intranet – Unite IT & communication

Discover the role of the intranet in times of digital workspaces. Learn how IT & communication managers elevate their intranet and build roadmaps to digital workspaces. Download this paper to get access…

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Ultimate guide to digital transformation PDF Workspace 365

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Transformation

In this extensive guide, we explain the digital transformation process and you’ll learn about all important aspects of digital transformation, such as what defines it, why it’s so important, digital transformation… 

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Prevent Data Breaches - secure workspace and e-mail by SmartLockr and Workspace 365

Prevent data breaches: secure workspace and email 

Discover in this whitepaper how to work and communicate more securely by combining Workspace 365 and SmartLockr. One safe workspace in which applications, email…

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Care & ICT

Learn more about the developments that are impacting the way people work in the healthcare sector, what the healthcare workspace of the future looks like and what healthcare employees can benefit most from working with…

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Embracing Workspace 365

Discover how to ensure a smooth adoption process of your new digital workspace. This includes starting adoption during the selection process, determining the desired effect and impact, testing and introducing the workspace…

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Embracing Workspace: Adoption Persona’s

Download this presentation and discover how to use personas with the set-up and adoption of your digital workspace. This includes, example personas for your online…

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How 3 major IT trends shape the future of work

To predict and influence your company’s future, you need to understand three major IT trends which help you (or your competitors) to get ahead. Trends, like a SaaS first…

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the digital student whitepapper

The Digital Student

Read this whitepaper and discover how more than a thousand students think about the current state and future of ICT and innovation in education. Discover the results of our research, how ICT has stayed in education, the future of education…

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Whitepaper Education Workspace 365

Education paper

Discover how Workspace 365 supports education with an adaptive workspace, which simplifies work for teachers, students and staff and allows them to easily work from anywhere with all tools…

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