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Workspace 365 for Education is a complete and adaptive workspace for students, teachers, faculty and IT.

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Workspace 365 for Education enables students and employees to work online easier  with a flexible and personal workspace

Role-based access to apps

Make an application available to an individual or group and give them the ability to add apps themselves with only three clicks.

Simplify management

Workspace 365 for Education links to your current user-management systems. This way you can deploy the workspace in a single day.

Simplify Office 365

Open and edit documents easily through a simplified interface on SharePoint and OneDrive; no customization necessary.

Faster access

All web- & hosted applications in one browser-based workspace so students have overview and can access everything after one log-in.

the digital student whitepapper

Whitepaper: The Digital Student

What do students think of the current state of ICT and innovation in education? And how do they see this in the future? In our Whitepaper: The Digital Student, we interview over 1,000 MBO, HBO and WO students and share the results of our research. We look at how ICT in education has kept pace, what challenges they face and how education can make their ICT future-proof, in order to provide optimal support to both students and staff in the meantime.

There are so many possibilities: File server and Office 365 integration, integrating applications and more. Discover it in a free demo or contact us for an appointment

Digital workspace of the future

We work hard on a workspace for education. Below you can see a design of the workspace in which students, teachers and employees can get more overview and structure in their documents and applications. Within the workspace we simplify the access to applications by providing single sign-on. Next to this, we gather information from third party systems and combine them within a personal dashboard.

Toekomstige onderwijswerkplek: Workspace 365

Direct overview of all information

In this current workspace for Education, you already have an overview of your calendar, e-mail and news. In the future we want to show Personal Analytics from existing systems to motivate students.


Is there an important change? Is a student at risk to fall below the minimal required attendance? They will be notified automatically. This way they will be aware of their current learning status.

Everything available everywhere

Workspace 365 for Education is available on the browser of any device. Because of this, students and employees have access to documents, e-mails, applications and progress with only one log-in.

Collaborating with Education

By interviewing students and teachers we map challenges and desires. What do students want? What tools do they use? Do they know all the tools their educational institution has to offer? Subsequently we talk to IT-managers from several organisations about these results to develop a standard.

The information we gather from our research, we share in a report with all involved parties, so that they will gain insight into the IT-use. We ourselves use this information to further develop our workspace for education, with the goal to make sure that there will be less study delay and people will stay motivated to keep studying.

Contribute to the education of students

Interested in what Workspace 365 for Education can do for your institution? Or are you curious about the results from our research?

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Why this initiative?

From within the education sector, the past year a demand has arisen for a central workspace where students and teachers could have educational as well as ‘personal’ applications available to them. Workspace 365 for Education gives people access to all their applications and documents from every device throught the browser. Because Workspace 365 for Education synchonizes with existing user-management portals, it is easy to manage. The workspace is easy to implement, as we developed a standard that is easy to specify for every education institution, based on more than 150 Dutch schools who use this workspace.

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