Streamline and unite processes with the digital workspace for Education

Workspace 365 for Education is a complete and adaptive workspace for students, teachers, faculty and IT.

Educational institutions use Workspace 365

Workspace 365 for Education enables students and employees to work easier with a flexible and personalised workspace

Offer role-based access to apps and information

Offer applications to an individuals or groups. Set conditions on the device type, browser, network and more. Allow people to add their own applications.

Simplify Microsoft 365

No customization is necessary. Simply connect and simplify to the best tools from Microsoft 365, like SharePoint for documents and news or Yammer for communication.

Centralised management

Workspace 365 for Education links to your current user-management systems. This way you can deploy the workspace in a single day.

Fast and easy access

All web-, local & hosted applications in one browser-based workspace so students and staff have overview and can access everything after one log-in.

One Document App for files from Microsoft 365 and your file server

Simply connect to Microsoft 365 to offer all the files from SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams in one easy-to-use Document Management System. Connect to your file server and use Office online or the local apps to open all your files on any device.

Virtual desktop & microsoft 365 in one workspace

Offer access to web-, VDI and local applications with one click on any device

Is your educational institution transitioning or partially transitioned to Microsoft 365? But do you still have to deal with legacy (Windows) applications. Offer relevant applications to user groups. That way you have one central portal for all your applications that is accessible from any device.

All your processes, applications and information wherever you need them

Not everybody starts their day in the browser. That is why we allow you to offer Workspace 365 within other applications. You can integrate parts of the workspace or the entire workspace within solutions like Microsoft Teams or your intranet. 

micro apps and activity

Connect to third-party applications, offer everything in one central workspace

Show notifications from your Student Information Systems, HRM tools or any other third-party application. Workspace 365 has out-of-the-box integrations and APIs to connect to any open system.

11 components for the ideal digital workspace for education

More and more educational institutions are turning to a digital learning environment, or digital workspace. They do this to improve education, processes and cater to needs and wishes of both teachers and students, as well as other employees. But how do they create a digital workspace that perfectly suits them? Discover what the ideal digital workspace for education needs, and the elements they can use to create it.

Workspace 365 for Education

Digital workspace of the future

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Direct overview of all information

In this current workspace for Education, you already have an overview of your calendar, e-mail and news. Show Personal Analytics from existing systems to motivate students.


Is there an important change? Is a student at risk to fall below the minimal required attendance? They will be notified automatically. This way they will be aware of their current learning status.

Everything available everywhere

Workspace 365 for Education is available on the browser of any device. Because of this, students and employees have access to documents, e-mails, applications and progress with only one log-in.


An adaptive Workspace for anyone.

Our goal is to conquer complexity to give back time to people.

IT Leaders love to offer access to any application (and setting conditions on them), connect to single sign-on providers and offer one document app.

Communication managers love to use targeted messages, the plug & play media tiles and to connect their SharePoint news feeds. 

Information managers love to offer one central workspace. A workspace in which they can connect applications, information and communication and offer it based on roles.

Students and teachers love to focus on their core tasks so try workspace today.


the digital student whitepapper

Whitepaper: The Digital Student

What do students think of the current state of ICT and innovation in education? And how do they see this in the future? For our Whitepaper: The Digital Student, we interviewed over 1,000 students. Discover the results of the research in this paper.

We look at how ICT in education has kept pace, what challenges they face and how education can make their ICT future-proof, in order to provide optimal support to both students and staff in the meantime.

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