The adaptive digital workspace for your organisation

Workspace 365 provides your organisation with a secure digital workspace into which you can integrate all existing technologies. This enables you to realise a smooth transition to the cloud and save costs on infrastructure and licenses.

Because we link to the (Azure) Active Directory, the management remains central and you, as an IT manager, are able to quickly deliver a modern workspace.

Workspace 365 frontline

Workspace management made easy

Any application on any device

People only see applications that are relevant to them. They can launch their local, hosted and web applications with one click. With conditional access, you are able to set restrictions on reaching applications in the digital workspace.

This way, you make sure that users can’t reach web (SaaS), Citrix, Clientless RDP and Azure applications from certain networks, browsers, operating systems or devices.

Faster access

All web-, hosted & on-premises applications in one browser-based workspace so people have overview and can access everything after one log-in.


Secure Workspace

Secure web- and Windows apps, intranet and the fileserver with multifactor authentication.


Role-based access

Make an application available to an individual or group and give them the ability to add apps themselves with only three clicks.

Existing systems

Link to current user-management systems. This way you implement the workspace in one day.

Save costs on infrastructure & licensing

Ready to cut costs on your digital workspace? You can easily do that by offering an adaptive workspace. In an adaptive workspace you only see applications (web, local and hosted), information and communication tools that are relevant to your employees, based on role, device, location, browser and more.

“Workspace 365 helps us to combine old legacy software and modern SaaS applications in one workspace, which allows us to combine modern and old technology in a smart way.”

Peter Bijker – Director business development Databyte

“With Workspace 365 we combine the old (Hosted desktop & file servers) and the new (SaaS & Cloud) IT world in one workspace.”

Rody van Egmond – Director at ITON

The best digital experience

Unite everything in one interface

Unite information from different systems and prevent people from wasting hours switching between applications. Connect Micro Apps to one of our out-of-the-box integrations or develop your own Micro Apps using our APIs. This way you bring business processes, such as tickets, schedules and more together in one digital workspace!

Hide the technologie

Let people focus on their work and save more time for pressing IT issues. Add your hosted applications with single sign-on in the workspace by using Citrix XenApp or our Clientless RDP. Open any application securely and with just one click.

Micro apps
steps to an adaptive digital workplace

The steps to an adaptive digital workplace

Want to switch to a new digital workplace, but don’t know where to start? In this whitepaper, we explain the steps you need to take.



How to define your starting point


How to make your plan


How to review vendor solutions


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