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20 December 2022

Six tips for onboarding new employees

Kelly van der Horst

Finding the right employee for that one vacancy that has been open for so long, can still be quite a challenge. In many industries today, it's really hard to find good staff; the number of vacancies is still huge. Once you have managed to attract new talent to your organisation, you want to do everything possible to keep these new employees within your organisation. This is where onboarding plays a big role. In this article, we give you six tips to onboard new employees within your digital workspace.

The importance of onboarding

Committing new employees to your organisation starts with a good onboarding. A good programme - with further organisational information, the corporate culture and digital tools - that ensures new employees can get a flying start. By giving them the right applications and data from their first day, you give your new employees the opportunity to be successful from the start.

Digital onboarding

Especially now that hybrid working - part office, part remote - has become normal, more and more organisations are opting for partial or even full digital onboarding. A fully digital onboarding is not ideal, but a well-designed digital workspace can be of enormous help to make the digital onboarding process run smoothly.

6 key tips to streamline the digital onboarding

To get the digital onboarding process right, we recommend following the six tips below.

Tip #1: Provide information in phases

New people, a new environment, an unfamiliar corporate culture in which you have to find your way: starting in a new job can be quite overwhelming. And then you have to get familiar with all the work processes and applications as quickly as possible.

A well-designed digital workspace in particular makes it possible to offer information to your new employees in phases, from day to day. Then, new employees can slowly become familiar with all digital business processes and have the opportunity to slowly grow into their role.

Tip: With Workspace 365's How-to tile you can add a tile in the digital workspace of a new employee with all the introductory videos. This means the new employee can watch the videos at their own pace and learn more about the digital workspace.

Tip #2: Integrate a digital photo book

Who exactly are all these new colleagues? Which HR person can tell me more about expense claims? I have a question about my new work phone, who should I contact?

For anyone starting a new job it helps to be able to look up who their new colleagues are and what exactly they can help with. A digital photo book is ideal, especially if you integrate it seamlessly into the digital workspace. This allows every new employee to find their way around the organisation from day one and instantly recognise colleagues on the work floor.

Tip: In the Workspace 365 Document Management System (DMS), you can create documents. With a logical folder structure, the new employee can easily find a folder containing more information about the organisation and a photo book.

In the Workspace 365 address book, new employees can also easily search for people within the organisation and different departments. It has a photo attached, also giving the new employee a better idea of who works in which department instantly.

Tip #3: Make HR processes digitally accessible

Requesting leave. Viewing pay slips. Submitting expense claims. These and other standard HR processes can nowadays be effortlessly automated.

This offers all kinds of advantages. For the new employee, who can quickly and easily find their way and no longer have to search for the HR department. At the same time, HR professionals have more time for their core tasks: finding, connecting and developing talented employees and setting out strategic lines for the future. And, another advantage: by digitising HR processes as much as possible, much less paper is needed down the line which also good for the planet.

Automated HR processes can easily be integrated into the digital workspace. Then your new employee has everything at hand right away, and you offer them the best possible digital employee experience from the start.

Tip: The Workspace 365 Hub contains knowledge items. These knowledge items describe important information and processes that are easily findable, such as how to report sick.

Tip #4: Provide support with integrated support options

From a reluctant printer to a new application that is not immediately clear: especially during onboarding, new colleagues run into all kinds of practical questions.

Then, it is all the more convenient if they can get help quickly from their digital workspace. Fortunately, support options can simply be integrated into the digital workspace. A low-threshold chat function, for example, can help get stuck employees back on track. And an integrated ticketing system ensures that employees can easily seek help from an IT service representative.

Tip #5: Use video smartly

Of course, you can introduce your employees to the organisation by sending them an organisational chart and some underlying information. Or you can refer your new employees, who onboard online, to the website for an initial introduction.

But information is often better remembered if you provide it visually. More and more organisations that onboard digitally are choosing to introduce different parts of the organisation via short videos. You can also, for example, make a video about your corporate culture, another explaining your KPIs, or a virtual tour of the company premises so that new employees immediately get a feel for the place where they will be working.

All these videos can be perfectly offered in the digital workspace. And in these times of ever better smartphone cameras and accessible editing tools, making a video certainly doesn't have to be a time-consuming, expensive task.

Tip #6: Let people learn at their own pace

The advantage of offering all onboarding information from a digital workspace is that new employees never have to search for information. They can review everything at any time, no matter where they are working at that time. Thereby, you prevent people from missing important information and make it easier for them to go through the onboarding programme at their own pace.

Would you like to know more?

A good onboarding via a digital workspace is a perfect way to give new employees a good start within your organisation. Want to know more about the possibilities within Workspace 365? Then try the free demo!

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