Digital employee experience
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14 December 2021

Why (digital) employee experience matters: 28 statistics

Kelly van der Horst
digital employee experience

Your employees are the greatest and most important resource you'll ever have. They are the key to your organisation's success. So it simply makes sense to take care of them best as you can. How you can do this? Creating a great (digital) employee experience can get you a long way. And we've gathered 28 digital employee experience statistics to convince you of this fact.

These will be sure to make you want to get started with optimising your (digital) employee experience! And you won't be the only one, because 92% of HR leaders have set the employee experience as top priority in 2021 (yes, we're getting right into it!).

Want to discover more about the (digital) employee experience in general? Read more in this article!

Why would you focus on the employee experience?

Because you care about your employees of course. But also because there are some very concrete benefits attached to a good employee experience.

First of all, a good experience increases employee engagement.

And your customers clearly benefit from this too. Since:

What customers (and you) don't benefit from however, is employee turnover.

This is a big problem. It's hard enough to retain talent as it is, especially if you consider that:

It's no wonder that 77% of companies focus on employee experience to increase retention, since

Why does the digital employee experience matter?

In the digital age, technology has a huge impact on the way people execute and experience work. Just consider the facts that

Since in many jobs technology is used to some extent, it's a vital part of the employee experience.

Not having the right technology in place cannot only impact people's work:

But also how they feel about their work, their experience.

And there are big differences in these experiences too.

Clearly, not that many people are that happy with their Digital Employee Experience. It's therefore remarkable that in contrast to the general Employee Experience, DEX isn't getting that much (needed) attention. Only 27% indicate they have a DEX strategy in place or in progress.

There are several things you can do to improve your Digital Employee Experience (we have a great article on it if you want to check it out), but it's more than just throwing more technology at the problem. In fact, that could even make the problem bigger.

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