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21 February 2024

Improve Employee Engagement with the Adaptive Digital Workplace

Kelly van der Horst
employee engagement

Employee engagement is vital for any business, no matter the size or specialism. Yet, research carried out by Gartner has revealed that a mere 31% of employees are engaged, enthusiastic, and energised by their work.  

Arguably it’s become more difficult for companies to achieve improved engagement with the rise of hybrid and remote working. However, it’s an aim that can be realised, with our adaptive digital workplace ensuring better employee engagement for organisations.  

Read on as we highlight the importance of having engaged employees and the difference that our adaptive digital workplace can make. 

What is employee engagement and why does it matter? 

Employee engagement grows when staff members feel connected, both with the work that they’re doing and the wider organisation. They will feel a sense of alignment with the company’s mission and values; aware of the positive difference that they’re making.  

Such employees will have a clear work focus and the inspiration of achieving the best results for their employers. Their efforts will also be well recognised and rewarded, with a positive impact on company loyalty.

Employee engagement is also associated with these business benefits: 

  • Reduced absenteeism and staff turnover 
  • Increased customer satisfaction 
  • Stronger advocacy for the employer brand (boosting the chances of attracting high-calibre job candidates). 

How can a digital workplace enhance employee engagement? 

Since 2010 it has been our mission to solve IT complexity, with a focus on simplification enabling employees and businesses to unlock their ultimate digital work focus. We’ve applied this principle in the simplification of access, communication, and workflows.

In streamlining and simplifying IT processes we’ve been able to unite employees with all of the information, communication, and documentation needed for everyday productivity and efficiency. This makes for increased satisfaction, better quality of work, and all-round professional commitment.

From the perspectives of HR, people, and culture, the benefits of workspace digitisation include: 

  • Enhanced onboarding/offboarding 
  • Integration of improved engagement tools 
  • Fostering of collaboration 
  • Promotion of company culture 
  • Creation of autonomous teams. 

Boosting engagement with our digital workplace 

Focusing on the engagement of the digitised workforce, more than 1,500 companies have already realised the ability to unlock work focus through our all-in-one interface. In specific terms of engagement, the benefits have included the unification of internal communication, with collaboration features and role-based content targeting via The Hub.

As part of the wider Engage module, The Hub promotes company connection by ensuring that employees can stay connected no matter their location or work activity. Vital announcements can be shared across the organisation or with specific employees, ensuring that everyone stays in the loop. From knowledge items to announcements, such simplified communication prevents miscommunication and exclusion.

Our Engage module has various functionalities including Knowledge Base, Microsoft Teams, Birthday, and SharePoint Integration. It enhances the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) through the promotion of knowledge sharing and collaboration.  

You can look forward to regaining your work focus, with improvements of productivity, collaboration, and satisfaction when everything is simplified. 

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