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15 March 2020

How the adaptive workspace supports your digital transformation

Kelly van der Horst
digital transformation

The adaptive workspace simplifies the way people work. But that's not all it simplifies. There are several ways in which the adaptive workspace can help your organisation in your technology transitions. Workspace 365 supports you in your digital transformation, now and in the future. We'll explain how. 

Moving to Software as a Service 

At the moment, the digital transformation of many companies is focussed on the move to Software as a Service, or SaaS. This kind of software is cloud-based, and usually subscription-based, which offers a high level of flexibility and independency to organisations. Think for instance of the fact that, when located in the cloud, applications can be easily accessible from multiple locations and devices, instead of being locally installed on merely one device. It is also a lot more scalable, meaning you can scale licenses up and down more easily. Additionally, SaaS applications require a lot less maintenance, since things like updates and upkeep are executed by the provider of the application.

You can see why many organisations are now shifting to SaaS-based applications. And when they do, it would only make sense to introduce a workspace that unites all these apps in the same place they exist: in the browser. 

However, there's one thing that might complicate this transition: not all applications may be available in the form of SaaS. When you still have to use legacy software, doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of moving the rest of your applications to the cloud? When you, for instance, still have to use local apps, does it even make sense for you to still start using an online workspace?Well, you can breathe easily, because we can assure you don't have to be held back by your legacy software. 

Hybrid workspace to unite old and new 

All you need, is a way to (temporarily) bridge the gap between old and new. To unite them, and work with them both in the same way. This is possible in the adaptive workspace. Due to the hybrid nature of Workspace 365, it allows you to seamlessly integrate your legacy software, allowing you to keep moving on with your digital transformation. Your RDP, Citrix, Windows Virtual Desktopfile server - all can be united with your applications, information, news, online document solutions and more. 

The fact that you are able to use Workspace 365 as a hybrid workspace, doesn't mean you necessarily have to. The beauty of the adaptive workspace is that you can customise it to your, or rather your employees' needs. This means that you can offer the employees who don't need any legacy software a completely browser-based workspace, while offering the ones who do need legacy software a hybrid workspace. This allows you to offer employees what they need and save costs. 

Though the hybrid workspace allows you to modernise your organisation, it is not an end goal itself. It is a way to bridge the gap now, in order to seamlessly fill the gap later. It is a way to use your legacy software while you have no other option, so you can move on to newer (and better) options when they arise. 

Don't get scared you need to start a huge digital transformation project all over again. This is also a step that's simplified by the adaptive workspace. 

Keep digital transformation going with an adaptive workspace 

Many organisations are making big changes now to keep up with technological developments. However, digital advancements are accelerating, which means that these changes will follow each other up more rapidly in the future. But completely renewing and replacing your digital 'household' every few years, doesn't really seem like a viable option, does it? Though new technology may have a positive impact, the costliness of the projects and effect on the employee experience sure won't. 

There's a simple answer to this conundrum: don't constantly change everything, but change only what's in need of change - like upgrading the tires of a car, instead of buying an entirely new car. Make these changes below the surface, to ensure a minimal negative impact on the way people work. 

The adaptive workspace enables you to do this. Due to the technology-independent nature of Workspace 365, you can keep upgrading and changing the technology beneath the surface. While still keeping the way people work consistent and easy to understand. No more huge transformation projects or bridging gaps - just filling them along the way. As technology advances, so can your workspace. 

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