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24 August 2023

Hybrid IT: Your bridge to the modern workspace 

Kelly van der Horst
hybride IT

Despite the rapid advancement of technology in the past few years, many organisations are still dealing with outdated systems and legacy technology. This is because adopting new technology can be a complex process. But, luckily, there’s a way to bridge the gap between old and new technologies with ease and create a modern workspace.

We’re talking about hybrid IT solutions here. So, let’s dive in!

Legacy software – why do companies keep using outdated systems? 

In 2019, Zendesk ran a survey to find out what technology resources were outdated in the workplace. Over 50% of employees said their workplace technology was moderately or completely outdated. Interestingly, about 70% said that software was one of the most commonly outdated technologies at work.

Now, there may be many reasons why organisations still use their outdated, legacy systems like remote desktops or file servers. For example, they may be resistant to change or worried about the costs of moving to the cloud.

They might be unsure how they can implement digitalisation without affecting productivity during the transition. Or, in some cases, they simply can’t do away with their legacy systems yet, because they still need it or there’s no modern option available yet.

No matter the reason for using legacy software and systems, delaying the inevitable upgrade only holds a business back..

The problem with using legacy software

There are several drawbacks to sticking with legacy (outdated) systems and software.

One is that these systems are generally not scalable. This means that they can hinder a business’ development as they struggle to keep up with growth. Legacy systems were not always built for seamless upgrades and additional features. So, they become less efficient in keeping pace with fast-changing digital workloads.

Secondly, they can become a huge financial burden. Just as an example, about 80% of the US federal government’s planned $90 billion IT budget for 2019 was used to operate and maintain existing legacy IT systems.

In addition, as they age, legacy systems become vulnerable to increased cybersecurity risks. A cyberattack can be detrimental to a business, not only financially, but in reputation as well. Customers don’t want to do business with companies that can’t keep their private data safe.

How to bridge the gap between legacy systems and a modern workspace?

By modernising, companies stand to boost annual revenue, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs. Businesses are going to have to make the decision to modernise their workspaces or simply be left behind.

But, there is no need  to suddenly implement a completely new system or software. Doing a complete overhaul could be very confusing and stressful for your employees. They may struggle to learn how to use new software and systems that are completely different to the old ones.

To make the transition a bit easier, a hybrid solution may be exactly what you need. It can help to bridge the gap between your old systems and new technologies. You can use a hybrid workspace as a tool to slowly transition to a more modern workspace. This way, your employees will be able to adapt better, and with your modern workspace, you can improve efficiency and productivity.

Modernise your workspace with hybrid IT solutions

Hybrid IT solutions give you the best of both worlds. You can integrate everything your employees need for their daily tasks into a single workspace. This includes integrating your old, legacy software with your (web) apps, online document solutions, news and communication solutions.

It essentially bridges the gap between the old and new – creating a highly functional hybrid workspace.

Workspace 365 – A practical and user-friendly hybrid workspace solution

A hybrid workspace like Workspace 365 gives users a single sign-in. No more tedious password management for different programmes and apps. Users have easy access to everything they need to work with one click.

You can also make sure your older technology is still accessible anywhere. This is possible with virtualization technology or Workspace 365 Clientless RDP. It lets you or your employees use your legacy software as virtual applications on a browser.

We’ve found that many businesses are moving to Microsoft 365. But, it still utilises legacy applications and file servers. With Workspace 365, you can bundle these in one hybrid workspace so that your employees and customers can easily access applications, file servers, and cloud document solutions.

A truly outstanding feature of Workspace 365’s hybrid workspace solution is its customizability. You can customise it to create a personal digital workspace that suits your employees, both groups and individuals. This means they’ll have access to all the applications and information they need for their daily tasks without being cluttered with software that they won’t use.

Additionally, the workspace automatically adapts to someone’s location, browser, device, role and more, so that people always have the right information, in the right place, and at the right time.

How does this benefit your business?

With Workspace 365, you can gradually adapt during your digital transformation. It helps you to bridge the gap between old and new without causing any confusion or negatively impacting productivity.

It also streamlines your business operations. You’ll have all your applications (browser-based, local, and hosted) in one place. This significantly improves ease of access to both new and old technology.

Your employees will be able to easily find what they’re looking for. And, they’ll still be able to use the software that they’re used to. Instead of making them suddenly learn how to use new systems, you can gradually phase out your legacy technology. It’s an easier way to help your employees adopt a new way of working so that you can improve your systems.

This will help you to keep up with the needs of the modern world and implement digital transformation without a hitch.

Enjoy a modern workspace with hybrid IT

Workspace 365’s hybrid IT solution allows employees to seamlessly access all their applications, documents, contacts and information in one digital workspace. You can keep essential legacy software while integrating new tech that improves productivity and streamlines operations.

Digital technology is in constant development, and you must move along with it. A hybrid workspace will ensure that you can easily integrate your technology – past, present, and future!

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