Get to know

Workspace 365

Our mission

We maximize the impact of people who make the difference

By conquering complexity to simplify work-life

We help people achieve more, by contributing to a happier work-life. A work life in which they can focus on the part where they make the real difference: the real job.

We support the ones who are vital to our society. Because the people who are dedicated to make a difference deserve IT that enables them to do so.

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The Workspace 365 Story


Started out in 2010, Workspace 365 has always aimed to bring simplicity to your workday. And we don’t just do this by developing the best adaptive workspace. We embrace simplicity in everything we do; from the way we collaborate with each other and our customers and partners, to the services we offer. 

Building a movement

With a fast-growing international team, we encourage others to do the same and stop wasting time, money and effort – their own as well as their customers’ – trying to compete, when the actual answer is to collaborate.

Constantly evolving

We believe “being the best” is not just something you work to achieve once. It requires continuous improvement: of the workspace, as a team and as individuals. That’s why we adapt quickly, innovate smart and educate and improve ourselves every day.

What we value 


Change the game

We are rebels. We challenge the market by constantly creating, adapting and improving.

Dedicate to celebrate

We dedicate ourselves to creating more moments to celebrate our achievements.

Make it simple

We don’t overcomplicate, we simplify.

Program your dreams

Because dreaming doesn’t get you very far, as long as they remain dreams.

Empower people

By empowering people and learning from the smartest minds, we have no limitations.

Why we’re so awesome


A lot of opportunity for learning and personal growth, as well as to shape your own role

Plenty of fun outings, activities, drinks and dinners

Also plenty of horribly bad jokes (that are still actually funny)

Very flexible working hours and times

An ongoing challenge of who makes the best grilled cheese

Unlimited good vibes

A casual team of like-minded, driven professionals