The new Workspace 365

Unlocking your digital work focus

Have the confidence and clarity you need to perform at your best. Feel at home in the fast-paced digital world. Everything simplified.

Dashboard Workspace 365

The new Workspace 365

We want all users, regardless of their technical background, to experience the satisfaction of working effectively. That’s why the new Workspace 365 puts the emphasis firmly on employee needs.

Workspace 365 helps employees to be more productive, to stay organised and engaged, and to make well-informed decisions. Simplifying their digital experience provides the key to great work. With Workspace 365, your documents and all your applications are simply a click away. Everything simplified.

How can I experience the new Workspace 365?

You can already experience the Preview of the new Workspace 365 by activating the toggle in your workplace. After the launch on the 9th of November, the new Workspace 365 will be available for everyone.

Simplified interface

A cluttered digital workplace can hinder productivity and create frustration. Our new simplified interface has been developed for the optimal user experience. We’ve maximised available screen space.

The Navigation has been both enhanced and improved. It’s now located on the left-hand side to make accessing your essential tools and applications easier. It’s intuitive, efficient, and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Improved navigation

Extensive user experience research – including office-based, hybrid and front-line workers – has shown that moving the navigation to the left-hand side improves navigation flow and reduces the need for scrolling. Navigating is now quick and simple.

The new layout also frees up valuable vertical space in the header. The result is improved clarity and content relevance. It also allows for a more prominent place for our Global Search.


Optimal use of space

The introduction of left-hand side navigation and a pinnable Activity Feed allows the switch from a three-column to a two-column layout. This gives you more flexibility to customise the display to suit your needs. You can pin or unpin the Activity Feed or collapse your navigation as it suits.

The new Workspace 365 seamlessly adapts to the available space, allowing you to create your ideal digital workplace.


Consistent interface

We’ve ensured the user experience is consistent across different platforms and devices, including mobile, tablet, and non-responsive modes. Wherever you’re working, on whatever device, you’ll find the same ease of use.

Dashboard Workspace 365

Simplified access to information

Information matters. We know news and announcements are important and that organisations need an effective way to share relevant information, details of events, and celebrate successes.

We also know that too much info, from too many voices and too many places can be overwhelming. If that happens, critical info doesn’t get through. With the new changes in the Workspace 365, we simplified access to relevant information.

You can seamlessly connect with colleagues, manage your agenda efficiently, and stay well-informed about internal news, events, and important knowledge articles.

Changes to the Hub

The Hub has a new dedicated, central location, perfect for sharing important company announcements, knowledge articles and events. The central location is convenient. It streamlines internal communication, enhances collaboration and boosts productivity. By simplifying information access, it saves time and enhances engagement, contributing to an improved Digital Employee Experience (DEX).

The Hub allows knowledge to be shared. But it doesn’t overload you with information – targeted communication is more effective. That’s why we’ve made it possible to display information in different groups, such as departments, functions or geographical locations.

The Hub

Our new Calendar app

Our Calendar app helps you to plan and manage appointments, meetings, and tasks. It makes it easier for you to stay organised and keep track of important dates and activities.

The app is also fully integrated with our Email, Address Book, and Tasks. You no longer need to use other email applications like Outlook or Gmail. Say goodbye to switching between different systems.


Now in the Address Book

We’ve made it easier to connect with the right teams and colleagues by enhancing the search options. User Profile pages already had skills, projects, interests and availability, but we’ve added departments and office locations too. It’s a helpful feature, particularly so for new employees. When onboarding, they can easily learn who’s who, discover more about their colleagues, and begin to create a network within the organisation.

Address book

Simplified workflow

When work is disjointed and disorganised, it’s hard to feel productive. Time is wasted switching between tasks or applications. Focus is lost, which is frustrating. But when you’re using an adaptive digital workplace designed for flow, with easy access to everything you need and no unnecessary complications, work feels less like work.

Global Search – more prominent and smarter

Our Global Search has always been the effortless way to find all your information, regardless of location. There was no need to waste time navigating between different folders or applications, but now we’ve made it even better.

Global Search has a more prominent position in your digital workplace, and it’s getting smarter!

Instead of you actively searching for information, we learn from your search behaviour and automatically provide you with the right content, regardless of the source. It’s like our Global Search knows what you need before you realise it yourself. With Workspace 365 you work smarter, not harder.

Global Search

Quickly access your Frequently Used Apps

We’ve integrated Frequently Used Apps into the new improved navigation. We’ve popped them just below the standard apps on the left-hand side menu. This makes access quick and simple, removing the frustration of searching for your favourite apps. If your usage of the apps changes over time, the selection changes too, so that it’s always appropriate for the tasks you do most frequently.

frequently used apps

Work quick and smart with the Activity Feed

With the Activity Feed, you effortlessly stay updated on important notifications and activities. This allows you to view and respond to tasks, approvals, and notifications without having to navigate through multiple apps. This saves valuable time and reduces administrative hassle.

In the new Workspace 365, the Activity Feed has been given a more prominent place, giving you everything in one overview. Did you know that you can customise the Activity Feed to match your personal interests? This way, you can ensure that you only receive relevant content and updates, tailoring the feed to your specific role and interests.

activity feed

Big advances… And there will be more

IT simplicity remains essential. Whatever happens, we’re determined to ensure employees are empowered, not overwhelmed.

The power of AI and integrations

We’ll continue to develop effective solutions and expand our data and application integrations. We will leverage the power of AI, to guide you through your day. We’re currently working on a new feature – My Day – which will bring more powerful personalisation to the digital workplace, including task automation and proactive recommendations.

Digital Employee Experience

Workspace 365 is designed to grow with an organisation, accommodating changes in size and complexity. We’re committed to improve the Digital Employee Experience – that will be at the core of any new Workspace 365 development. Every user should be able to enjoy the focus that enables them to perform at their best.

We’ve created a platform that delivers now and will continue to deliver long into the future. It’s advanced technology, but it simplifies everything.

Need help? We’re always by your side

If you ever need assistance, we’re here for you every step of the way.


Understand everything about the changes in your digital workplace.


Download the handout to read the complete story behind these changes.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the changes be visible in my Workspace 365?

The changes will be rolled out gradually, ensuring a seamless transition for users. You can start experiencing the preview of the new Workspace 365 in your adaptive digital workplace from July 6th, 2023 using the toggle to activate the new interface. After the launch on the 9th of November, every user will have the new Workspace 365.

Can I download the latest product images and text for creating own content about the new Workspace 365

We understand you want to create your own content about the new Workspace 365, whether it’s for support, internal use, or your website.

So, we’ve put together a file with all the product images and text. You can easily download them using this link.

How can I learn more about the new Workspace 365

Learn more by checking out our FAQ page on our Support Portal.  We ensure that this FAQ page remains a reliable and accurate source for you. We will update existing answers and provide new, up-to-date information based on the latest developments and feedback.

To understand the story behind the new Workspace 365, please download our handout.

Where can I go with all my questions?

Our Support portal is here to assist you every step of the way. But we understand that this might be a significant change for you, and sometimes you just want a friendly voice on the other end.

That’s why you can reach out to our office, and we’ll be more than happy to guide you through it! tel:+31307116725

I don’t use Workspace 365 yet. Can I still get access to Workspace 365 V4?

To get access, you need a Workspace 365 license. We are happy to help you get things in place. Schedule a meeting with one of our Digital Workplace Experts.

Is the information about the new Workspace 365 also available in Dutch?

Yes of course! You can find more information about the new Workspace 365 on this Dutch page.