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30 January 2024

Achieving digital focus: aeroplane mode and the digital working environment

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Today’s highly digitised world produces a constant barrage of information and new technologies. Thousands of apps, gadgets, and websites overwhelm our senses on a daily basis. Instead of finding the solutions we need, we often get lost in the huge amount of irrelevant data and software. We become distracted and lose focus. Productivity levels drop and frustration grows.

This leads to one of the most important questions for businesses today: How can employees effectively filter the digital noise to reach maximum productivity?

Productivity growth is on the decline

Worryingly, productivity growth has been on the decline for many years. In 2021, a CBS study showed the downward trend began before the 2008 financial crisis, ruling out the crash as a starting point. The growth of the service and care sectors has also contributed to the slowdown, but the decline is mostly due to sluggish productivity levels within industries.

Research by Gartner adds more cause for concern. In a recent study, 47% of digital workers stated their efficiency was compromised due to difficulties in accessing relevant information and data.

Despite the rise in digital tools such as information management systems and productivity apps, we still have difficulties finding what we need, when we need it. With all the advanced technology at our fingertips, surely we should have solved the productivity problem by now?

How aeroplane mode can enhance digital focus 

Unfortunately, information overload is still causing challenges. The answer to the productivity problem might not be another app. Instead, the concept of ‘aeroplane mode’ offers a practical solution. 

Aeroplane mode involves turning off all irrelevant digital stimuli so we can regain our concentration and sharpen our focus. The aim is to create a simplified, highly efficient working environment without distractions. 

Enhancing our digital focus requires the removal of all unnecessary tools and irrelevant information. We need to identify exactly what apps, gadgets and data sources are useful and relevant and discard any that are simply causing interference. 

To achieve maximum productivity, we must set up our systems with aeroplane mode in mind. This applies not just at the application level but also within applications. An HR employee, for example, doesn’t need access to accounting software. A business controller shouldn’t be required to update a social media planning tool every month. 

Systems need to be streamlined to ensure employees only have access to the tools required to efficiently complete their tasks. This is the key to effectively implementing aeroplane mode and getting your productivity back on track. 

Introducing new business procedures is never an easy task. However, with the right strategies you can simplify your digital business operations. 

What is Workspace 365?

We bring you in one place what’s relevant to you, uniting all your applications, and information in one personalised digital workplace.

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View IT as a strategic asset

An IT department isn’t just responsible for managing and monitoring apps and systems. Your tech teams can add extra value to the organisation and greatly enhance employee engagement. 

In the past, IT departments focused on making technology vendors independent and developing application-agnostic environments. Now, IT teams must concentrate on finding ways to simplify the flow of information and optimise the digital employee experience. 

By providing effective tools for daily operations, IT teams can help to create a positive employee experience and boost productivity levels.  

Aggregate apps for maximum efficiency

It’s crucial to aggregate all applications and systems into a centralised and fully integrated IT environment. Your employees should be able to access the tools and information they need quickly and easily without having to make their way through irrelevant apps.

Dedicated software can automate this task and save your business time and resources.

Maintain a ‘less is more’ mindset

We must focus on harnessing technology, instead of letting it overwhelm us. This process begins with effectively managing our digital working environments and making sure we prioritise pertinent information. 

All irrelevant tools and data sources must be removed. Systems and apps should be streamlined to fit your employees’ exact needs with no extraneous clutter. In this way, you can cut through the noise and get on the path to achieving maximum productivity. 

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