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23 August 2023

Save time? Integrate all your processes in one digital workspace

Kelly van der Horst

Marianne van Dijk (Customer Success Maker) and Tjibbe Vissers (Partner Account Executive) discussed how organisations can unite all their primary and secondary processes in one digital workspace. In this article you can read the most important highlights of this Dutch on-demand session. 

Would you rather watch the session, with a mega fun battle between two colleagues? You can do that here👇🏻 

What do we mean by ‘processes’?

Let’s start with what processes actually are. Within Workspace 365, we focus on primary and secondary processes. These are the two types of processes that employees deal with on a daily basis.

Primary processes: These are your most important work tasks, often requiring the use of IT. Like seeing your schedule, client information, ongoing business, accessing your documents and company information.

Secondary processes: These are processes that can be the same for everyone in the organisation. For example, submitting expense claims, support tickets or a holiday request.

By uniting primary and secondary processes in a single digital workspace, we ensure that employees start their workday with everything they need to do their job.

First, we will look at the most important primary processes for healthcare, education and government. Then we will take a closer look at the secondary processes that we simplify within Workspace 365.

Client data and planning for healthcare

One of the examples that Marianne mentioned for processes we simplify, is for the healthcare sector. An ambulatory healthcare worker has a high administrative burden and is often on the road. Therefore it’s important that he or she can always access client details and planning from one single place.

Types of information and applications that are important to healthcare workers and that you can unite in your digital workspace, include protocols, intranet, email, schedule, a connection with an ECD system, and more. We unite all this and make it available in one place.

It’s also possible to bring information from different applications and platforms to the digital workspace. For example, we have links with Dutch Micro Apps like ZenyaDoc, Nedap ONS and Vilans KICK.

Schedule and news in one place for Education

Students and teachers switch a lot between different systems. Processes such as grade administration and handing in reports are united with other important information such as their schedule, news from school and documents. By bringing everything together for students and teachers in one digital workspace, you significantly reduce the number of times they have to switch between systems.

In addition, students and teachers are often on the road, from class to lecture and back home in the train. They are therefore constantly at different locations, which makes it extra important for them to be able to access their digital workspace from any location, at any time and on any device.

Insight into open tickets and cases for government

Government institutions often work with ticketing systems and have many ongoing cases. It’s sometimes difficult for them to find the right information and applications all the time. That’s why it’s important for them to have one central hub, where they can view all their information, applications, documents, intranet, processes and current tickets and cases.

In Workspace 365, it’s possible to integrate all remote desktops, web applications and Microsoft 365 into one personal workspace that can be accessed with a single login.

To make it easy for different employees, the workspace can automatically be adjusted based on a person’s role. This way, these employees only see the information and applications that are relevant to them.

Secondary processes in the digital workspace

Besides your primary processes, there are also other tasks that you have to do regularly. Think, for example, about requesting work clothes or your holiday. These may not be processes that you deal with on a daily basis, but they are important and you need to be able to do them quickly.

For this reason, we integrate many applications into Workspace 365 in order to be able to perform these secondary processes. Including:

  • TopDesk
  • AFAS
  • Zendesk

This way, employees have direct insight into all their primary and secondary processes from one single digital workspace.

Bring different platforms together with APIs

Workspace 365 has its own API that can be used to make information and actions from other applications available in the digital workspace.

It’s possible to receive a notification in your Activity Feed as soon as you receive an email or when the marketing department posts a new blog. You can also perform actions from here, such as approving or denying an expense claim or holiday. The possibilities are endless with our API.

To make things even more simple, you can also use Power Automate from Microsoft for notifications and tasks. This platform already allows you to use standard flows.

Workspace 365 is more than an application portal

Workspace 365 combines all the applications that you need to do your work in one digital workspace. But it’s much more than just an application portal. It not only brings your applications to one place, but also combines them with information and communication flows.

It’s even possible to link your intranet to your digital workspace and we use a Document Management System, which ensures that all your documents from the file server, SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams can be found in one place.

In addition, there are 7 other uses of the digital workspace:

  1. Build a bridge between legacy and the cloud
  2. Maximise the value of Microsoft 365
  3. Stimulate the adoption of important tools
  4. Support your organisation’s digital transformation
  5. Elevate your intranet & create a collaboration hub
  6. Optimise the (digital) employee experience
  7. Simplify document management
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