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2 November 2020

26 notification integrations in the Activity Feed

Kelly van der Horst
activity feed

How does the Workspace 365 Activity Feed help to enhance clarity in your work and all your notifications? There are endless possibilities to integrate applications and receive notifications within the digital workspace. In this blog we give examples of integrations for various departments, so that information managers or department managers can bring the right information, at the right time, to the right people.

What is an Activity Feed?

The Activity Feed in Workspace 365 brings all activities, news and notifications together in the digital workspace. This enables people to focus on their work by filtering their notifications and activities.

With the Activity Feed, employees receive notifications about access to applications, upcoming calendar appointments (with the possibility to participate immediately), news items and announcements from the Announcement centre. You can also use an API to link third-party applications, to receive notifications and activities from those within the workspace.

Notifications by department

Each department and team works with different applications. For example, Marketing works with Office applications, social media, planning applications and tools such as Google Analytics. Human Resource Management (HRM) uses applications for introducing contracts, leave of absence and so on. To help you get started with integrating applications, we describe a number of processes per department that are useful to integrate into the digital workspace. In addition to the notifications per department, there are also general notifications.

Support the planning with extra reminders

Link a planning system to your digital workspace to show your upcoming appointments. By linking Microsoft Exchange (Microsoft 365) to your digital workspace, it is possible to participate directly in online appointments with just one click.

Notifications for support tickets and more for the IT helpdesk

The IT helpdesk must be able to focus on helping employees and keeping their primary processes running. To ensure that the IT helpdesk focuses on this, you can add notifications from support software (such as Zendesk, TOPdesk, Autotask and ServiceNow) to your digital workspace.

The IT helpdesk often uses various software packages that provide important notifications. By sending all the important notifications to the digital workspace, it becomes easier for the IT helpdesk to be quickly informed from any device.

Examples of notifications:

  • Notifications of new support tickets in your name
  • Notifications of malfunctions in a software solution
  • Notifications of potential security breaches
  • Notifications of requests for devices
  • Notifications of required device installations

Notifications for the entire organisation and for the communications department

This department uses many different applications and is also responsible for internal communication. They should, together with the information managers, be most informed about the possibilities of the Activity feed.

It is important for the marketing communications department to be constantly up to date on the latest trends and developments in the market. As a communication or marketing manager, you continuously communicate about current campaigns, marketing plans, strategies and more. For this group, there are therefore two applications for the Activity Feed for information flows within the department and information flows towards the entire organisation.

Notifications from communication to the entire organisation

Stimulating social interaction and increasing news reach

People come to the digital workspace every day to search for and work with their applications, documents and information. It is therefore the perfect place to reach people with news or to encourage them to share their knowledge.

The following are examples that enable communication managers to bring internal and external news, important documents, videos and more to raise awareness (from, for example, RSS, an intranet or SharePoint).

Examples of notifications:

  • Send a notification when a new message is published on the intranet
  • Send a notification when changes are made to important documents
  • Send a notification when a new video is published
  • Send a notification if a document is edited of which you are the author
  • Send a notification if someone posts or responds to something in the social feed

Notifications for marketing and communication employees

Project management

Good planning is crucial in marketing. With project management tools (such as or Asana) you have a team planning and everyone is informed about each other's activities. By assigning tasks to employees, everyone knows where he or she stands and you can keep track of which departments require time, so that you can easily respond to expansions.

Examples of notifications:

  • Notifications when a new task has been assigned
  • Notifications when you have a deadline that is about to expire
  • Notifications when feedback is needed
  • Notifications when a task in which you have participated has been completed

Notifications for leave of absence applications, new candidates and more for HRM

To ensure that HRM can focus on hiring and coaching employees, it is important to bring all their processes and notifications together. Within Workspace 365 you can receive notifications in the Activity Feed from frequently used HRM systems such as Workday, Recruitee, Afas and Exact.

By displaying notifications in your digital workspace, the HRM employee has insight at a glance into the most important notifications without first opening the applications. This allows them to access the most recent documents, information from different systems and all their notifications from one workspace. Available everywhere and automatically adjusted according to their role, device, location and more.

Examples of notifications:

  • Send managers a notification to approve a leave of absence
  • Send recruiters a notification of a request for a job posting
  • Send recruiters a notification when a candidate is approved
  • Send a notification to team leaders in case of illness of employees
  • Send recruiters a notification when receiving new candidates
  • Send a notification to the team to introduce new employees

Notifications for interesting deals and more for sales

The Workspace 365 Activity Feed gives the sales department insight into all their activities by linking the CRM system (such as Salesforce, Pipedrive or Hubspot) and contract management systems (such as Pandadoc) to Workspace 365. This way, the sales team gets a better understanding of which tasks still have to be done and they are more likely to recognise opportunities. Everywhere and from every location and every device, the sales team gets insight and can quickly switch and respond at the right moment.

Examples of notifications:

  • Notification when a contract has been viewed
  • Notification when a contract is signed
  • Notification when a hot lead visited the website longer than 30 seconds
  • Notification when an important deal moves in the pipeline
  • Notification when a deal has been marked as 'lost'
  • Notification of new activities in deals

Notifications for sector-specific packages

If the API of an application allows it, it is possible to send notifications from the software package to Workspace 365's Activity Feed. This makes it possible for IT service providers or IT departments to make their own links to healthcare applications, student monitoring systems and other sector-specific software.

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