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15 April 2024

Increase productivity with our Global Search

Kelly van der Horst
global search

When employees can’t get access to the resources and information they need right away, productivity and job satisfaction levels can drop. Having an optimised, efficient search system for your digital workplace is absolutely crucial.

Our Global Search cuts through the digital clutter. You can search your digital workplace precisely to find the exact file, app, email, knowledge articles, events, folders, or person you need. Global Search can bring you what you’re looking for in seconds. Or less!

How inefficient search tools can decrease productivity

Not being able to find exactly what you need, right when you need it is super frustrating.. At work, wasting time is more than just annoying. It can significantly impact the bottom line of a business and drastically lower employee engagement.

Those wasted seconds and minutes spent searching through your digital workplace might not seem like much, but they add up to big productivity losses. Eventually, the frustration and wasted effort can decrease productivity.

The actual amount of time employees waste searching varies depending on what study you look at. But whatever figures you go look at, the end results aren’t good.

According to Gartner, professionals spend up to 50% of their work time searching for information, taking an average of 18 minutes of search time per document. Figures from Garter also show that 47% of professionals struggle to find the data they need to perform their roles effectively. IT experts have estimated that it takes the average employee eight search attempts to find the exact data they need.

But the good news is that with the right digital tools you can boost your productivity levels and enhance employee engagement. 66% of organisations surveyed by the Harvard Business Review stated that having high-quality digital tools was essential to employee engagement.

Workspace 365 has the solutions you need to sharpen your search capabilities to a fine edge. And it all starts with our Global Search.

Increase productivity with the Global Search

Your people need to be empowered to spend their time doing what they do best. Not wasting their efforts trying to navigate their way through an endless chain of folders, apps, and documents. Workspace 365 allows you to unlock the full potential of your digital work focus.

With the Global Search you can search through your digital workplace in seconds. No more endless searching through results to find what you need.

Global Search goes further than just a regular search engine. You can drill down deeper and get valuable insights into your data and content with the powerful advanced search feature. We have integrations with Egnyte, and OpenIMS to widen your search capabilities and directly search through documents.

Save time and reduce stress. Simplify and streamline your workflows with Global Search.

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