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11 May 2021

4 ways to improve internal communication with a digital workspace

Kelly van der Horst
internal communication

Effective communication is a crucial element for any type of relationship. So, ensuring that you have a good internal communication strategy within your organisation is a must. It helps to keep everyone engaged and on the same page, which increases productivity and improves the digital employee experience. In turn, it boosts ROI.

With everything moving online, it is more important than ever to put good internal communication tools in place. This will ensure that employees across your organisation can easily access information and collaborate with one another.

How to improve internal communication

1. Unite your internal communication tools

One of the first steps is to obviously put effective internal communication tools in place - one place. These tools need to be accessible and easy to use so that your employees can communicate seamlessly.¯

Though email is still one of the most important online communication tools, it's not always the most efficient one, or the most suitable for every purpose. However, nowadays, you can find yourself a different tool for basically any purpose. Which is great, because you can choose tools that exactly suit your needs - though it does mean a lot of switching.

That's why you should make sure all your communication tools are accessible in one place. Or even better, perform actions with them as well.

Within Workspace 365 you can offer easy access to all your communication tools. Furthermore, you can for instance use Yammer to instantly communicate with colleagues, use the Activity Feed to instantly join online meetings, or use the Microsoft Teams tile to instantly open Teams channels or corresponding files. You can even integrate Workspace 365 in its entirety into Microsoft Teams itself, bringing all your other tools to the collaboration platform.

2. Combine your social intranet and digital workspace

It's important to have a channel where employees can engage with each other and share insightful information. But, it's just as important to have a central platform where employees can easily access apps and contact their colleagues without needing to constantly switch between tools.

Unfortunately, many companies think they need to choose between the two. We're here to tell you that this just isn't the case. By combining a social intranet and a digital workspace, you can get the best of both!

As opposed to a chat tool, social intranets encourage a different type of communication and collaboration. They enable employees across departments to communicate, answer questions, and share information. It opens up communication between departments so that your employees can access a larger knowledge base. Thus, they can gain valuable insight from different people in your organisation - creating a collective brain.

So the use of a social intranet can improve internal communication, but why does combining it with a digital workspace? Because together, they make one powerful platform for all elements of work. People have to go to their digital workspace to access their applications and work information. By including the social intranet, you increase its visibility, adoption and impact.

3. Make it easy to find people

To improve internal communication, people need to be able to find and reach their colleagues immediately.

With a digital workspace, contact information is easily accessible - making messaging or calling much more efficient. No more searching in databases and then opening your email or a separate communication channel. Once you've searched for the contact, you can send messages or emails straight from the digital workspace!

4. Ensure everyone's up to date

For strong internal communication, two things are necessary (among others): that people are informed on what's going on internally, and that you're sure your important information and announcements actually reach the people they need to reach.

When you receive hundreds of emails every day, it's easy to overlook an internal announcement or an email from a colleague. With a digital workspace, however, you can ensure that everyone is up to date with news, projects, announcements etc. It's the ideal place to reach people with important information, as they access it to do their work every day.

With Workspace 365's Announcement Centre, you can send notifications and pop-ups to specific people within your team or organisation. You can also categorise these announcements so that it's easy for employees to go back and find important information.

This feature is incredibly useful for team leaders or managers as well. They can ensure that everyone within their team or department is up to date with changes and important news.


A big part of improving internal communication is about having the right tools in place and encouraging your employees to use them. An all-in-one digital workspace can make your internal communication much easier! Everything your employees need to communicate and collaborate is right at their fingertips.

With Workspace 365, you can ensure that your employees can access all their apps and communication tools in one place. If you're still not convinced, sign up for a free demo and check it out for yourself!

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