By integrating Power Apps from Microsoft within your digital workspace or intranet, you have the ability to automate and simplify business processes. With the Power Apps from Microsoft ‘everyone’ within an organization can easily create apps to automate business processes. Today I will show you how to integrate these Power Apps within your digital workspace.

What is Microsoft Power Apps?

Power Apps is part of the no- / low code platform of Microsoft. You can use Power Apps to develop applications to automate processes such as cost declarations, work clothing requests or leave requests.

Within the Power Apps platform, there are templates available to quickly create an application. Another option is to create an application from scratch. For people who do have some IT knowledge, it is easy to create links to other systems and to send data to other programs. View the prices of Microsoft Power Apps.

For whom are the Power Apps?

When you are handy with computers and software it is already possible to create a simple application. As an HR or Communication Manager, you can work out your idea for apps and create them quickly. For developers with knowledge of APIs, it is a nice system to create applications for a digital workspace or intranet. Are the costs for Power Apps too high? Take a look at the Micro Apps from Workspace 365.

What does a Power App look like in your digital workspace?

For our organisation, we have made a Declaration app. Anyone within our organisation can submit a claim via a tile within the adaptive workspace, Workspace 365. After the declaration is submitted, there is a flow behind it for the team leader to approve the declaration and it is then automatically transferred to our accounting system.

Power Apps in Workspace 365-small

How do you integrate Power Apps into your digital workspace?

Once you have created a Power App (learn how to create a Power App here), you can publish it as a mobile application but also integrate it into an intranet or digital workspace such as Workspace 365. Below are instructions on how to add the Power App within Workspace 365:

  1. Search for the App ID

Go to the Power App you want to add. Click on Details. The App ID can be found at the bottom of the page.

App ID van Power Apps

  1. Copy the code below and add the App ID

<iframe width=”100%” height=”100%” src=” YOUR APP ID HERE“></iframe>

  1. Open Workspace 365 and go to the App Store

App store in Workspace 365

  1. Create a new web content app and paste the code in it

Save Power App in Workspace 365


  1. Add the tile to the workspace
  2. Test the Power App and publish it in the group for people who are entitled to the application.
  3. Voila your Power App is now ready to use

Power Apps in Workspace 365 integration

How do you add people to a Power App?

Do you want to give people access to a Power App? Then read the article on the Workspace 365 Support portal about embedding Power Apps.

More integrations in your digital workspace

Besides Microsoft Power Apps you can integrate many other applications with the web content tile such as Microsoft Forms to get feedback about the workspace. In addition, Workspace 365 is constantly looking for new integrations for the digital workspace. Would you like to request an integration? Submit it now on the Workspace 365 Feature Request page or vote for other features.


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