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What is the Activity Feed?

The activity feed in Workspace 365 allows you to bring activities, news and notifications to anyone using the adaptive workspace. It is a component that allows people to focus on their work as it will filter the activities and notifications to their personal needs.  

Within your activity feed you get notification on access to applications, upcoming calendar items (which you can join), news and announcements from our Announcement centreand much more. Additionally, you can now connect an API to your third-party applications and retrieve notifications or activities with your Activity Feed.  

Mute notifications 

Decide whether you would like to receive certain notifications or rather mute them. For example, you’d like to receive notifications from Microsoft Teams, so you can directly go into meetings from your personal workspace. This option gives information managers a chance to integrate all notifications from different platforms, but doesn’t give them the stress that people get an information-overload or that notifications are not relevant for everyone in a department.  

Stacked notifications 

The notifications in the Activity Feed will now be stacked per category. As an admin, you can now add a category via the Activity Feed API. In this article we give you more information regarding the notification integrations in the Activity Feed and how you can make the best of use of it!  


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