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18 June 2024

Liquit and Workspace 365: Focus on access vs. Focus on DEX

Kelly van der Horst

As you start your workday, the overwhelming task of juggling multiple applications and tools can quickly turn into a frustrating experience. The constant search for information and the need to switch between different platforms not only clutters your digital workplace but also wastes valuable time.

Fortunately, solutions like Liquit and Workspace 365 are designed to streamline this process, offering unique benefits for different business needs. While Liquit focuses on the needs of IT professionals, Workspace 365 allows employees to fully focus on their work. In this article, we explain how Liquit and Workspace 365 increase efficiency, and how combining the two improves productivity.

Liquit: customised access management for your organisation

In the dynamic world of IT management and digital workplace solutions, organisations face the challenge of providing effective access to a range of applications while striving for a user-friendly work environment. For organisations with a complex application landscape, such as government agencies and large enterprises, Liquit can be a valuable solution.

Liquit provides IT departments with a powerful tool to provide employees with appropriate access to applications. This includes not only granting access, but also providing users with the right licenses, providing a very targeted environment and facilitating choices based on predefined conditions. For example, IT professionals can pre-set variables such as installed apps and devices used, and work locations can be evaluated. Liquit can open applications tailored to the end user's needs.

This gives IT departments complete control over how employees use applications while also managing tasks such as updates, significantly reducing the (management) burden on IT teams.

What is Workspace 365?

We bring you in one place what’s relevant to you, uniting all your applications, and information in one personalised digital workplace.


What makes Workspace 365 different from Liquit?

While Liquit excels at providing access to applications and managing them efficiently, Workspace 365 offers a broader approach to the Digital Employee Experience (DEX).

Workspace 365 not only integrates applications into the digital workplace, but also provides an intuitive user experience that seamlessly brings together relevant information and functionalities from different applications. This means that users do not have to constantly switch between different applications, but can find all the information they need within one user-friendly interface instead.

Workspace 365 goes beyond access to applications and information in several key ways: 

  • User-centric design: An intuitive and user-friendly interface, minimising the need for users to switch between different applications by integrating all necessary tools and information into one platform.

  • Seamless integration: The platform integrates with a wide range of applications including Microsoft 365, Citrix, VMware, and other third-party services, allowing for a seamless workflow across different tools. This ensures that users can access all their essential applications from a single interface, reducing the complexity of their digital workplace.

  • Unified communication: Intranet functionalities like The Hub, which centralises internal communications, announcements, and document sharing, fostering better collaboration and information flow within the organisation. This helps keep employees informed and engaged without needing to switch platforms.

  • Personalised dashboards: Users can customise their dashboards to show the most relevant applications, documents, and information, enhancing efficiency and user satisfaction. This level of personalisation means that employees spend less time searching for the tools and information they need.

  • Task management and automation: The platform supports task management and the automation of routine workflows, reducing manual effort and allowing employees to focus on higher-value activities. Features such as automated reminders and task allocation can streamline processes and increase productivity.

  • Conditional Access: Workspace 365 provides role-based access controls and Conditional Access policies that ensure only authorised users can access sensitive information.

  • Mobile access: Ensuring that users can stay productive on the go with access to their digital workplace from any device. This flexibility supports remote work and ensures that employees can maintain their productivity regardless of their location.

Integrate for optimal synergy

With the Liquit integration in Workspace 365, organisations can take advantage of Liquit's powerful access management functionalities while enriching the user experience with Workspace 365's integrated approach. This results in a digital workplace that is not only efficient and well-managed, but also aligned with end users' needs and expectations, ultimately leading to improved productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

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