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18 March 2024

Why IT, HR and Communication teams should work together

Kelly van der Horst
IT, HR and communication

The focus of the workplace has shifted. Changes to the digital workplace are drastically reshaping how organisations operate. As more businesses embark on the process of digital transformation, existing hierarchies are proving to be outdated and inefficient.

Over the past years, the needs of both organisations and users have changed. IT-centred digital workplaces no longer dominate. Instead, HR leaders and Internal Communication departments are shaping the working environment.

These teams are providing solutions to make tasks easier, to improve how people communicate and work together, to support HR tasks and to encourage personal growth. The Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is fundamental to growth and success. The market now prefers intranet functionalities coupled with an exceptional digital workplace.

As things shift, organisations must be aware of the changes. Teams that were traditionally separated can no longer operate as individual departments but must work together to achieve shared organisational goals.

The changing IT landscape has created an opportunity for IT and HR departments to collaborate like never before. By doing so, these two teams can dramatically enhance the DEX and boost productivity and communication throughout an organisation. These two forces can combine their knowledge and strength to create the best digital workplace for their entire company.

Unfortunately, many HR and IT departments don’t understand exactly why working together is important or what benefits it can bring to their organisation.

At Workspace 365, we’re all about helping organisations harness technology to improve collaboration, maximise productivity, and supercharge the DEX. We simplify the IT landscape, so people can unlock their ultimate work focus.

In this article, we’ve outlined why you should concentrate on building stronger links between your HR and IT teams.

How the digital workplace has changed the relationship between HR and IT

Typically, IT teams focus on maintaining the technological aspects of the company and developing digital tools. HR and communications teams disseminate internal information and find ways to boost employee engagement. Despite shared aims, IT and HR often don’t see any reason why they need to work together. To make things more difficult, the limited capabilities of legacy systems often create barriers to knowledge sharing and collaboration.  

HR and IT teams can work together to develop the most efficient and most effective digital workplace for the company. By combining their specialist knowledge and resources HR and IT experts can reshape the digital workplace to meet the needs of all employees. Information, resources, and knowledge can be instantly and easily accessed by team members from different departments. Work processes can be precisely analysed and streamlined to better fit the needs of employees. Shared organisational goals can be more easily identified.

By optimising the digital workplace, HR and IT empower all teams to act cohesively rather than function as separate, completely siloed entities. This has major benefits for an organisation.

Intranet vs digital workplace

Simplify work processes and enable your teams to maintain focus and reach peak performance levels.


The benefits of close collaboration between IT and HR Teams

Taking a more integrated approach allows HR and IT teams to share their expertise and enhance the overall efficiency of the digital workplace.

Input from HR can help IT to develop digital tools that are customised to meet employee needs. This optimally aligns IT with organisational goals.

Specialist data management insights from IT enable sensitive employee information to be collected, stored, and handled securely. HR can ensure compliance with internal and external regulations and policies.

Closer collaboration between IT and HR can result in more efficient recruiting and onboarding processes. Organisations can attract and retain top talent by proving that they can provide an efficient, user-friendly digital workplace that caters to the requirements of highly skilled people. Communication can be made easier between team members and different departments. Improved communication channels inspires people to share knowledge and resources and drives innovation across all levels of an organisation.

A more intersectional approach between IT and HR departments enables an organisation to develop better strategies to achieve long-term and short-term goals. IT and HR can share insights into technological and human aspects to streamline change management and the adoption of new technologies.

Integrating a modern intranet into a sophisticated digital workplace allows HR and IT teams to connect, communicate, and innovate. Simplify the digital transformation of your organisation with Workspace 365.

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