Clientless RDP lets you open any Windows Application as a web app

What if the browser is your new standard for accessing applications?
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Trusted by health care, education, accountants and many others

Let the browser be the starting point to all your applications & information

Virtualize Windows apps without a client

One sign in to Web- & Windows apps


Integrate SharePoint, OneDrive & File servers

Work on any device with a browser


Optional: two-factor authentication

Clientless RDP can be integrated in Office 365

One password for all your applications

Allow your users to sign in to all their applications at once. Offer your Windows applications with our Clientless RDP or Citrix XenApp. People who use Workspace 365 (or Office 365 combined with our Clientless RDP) will be able to sign in and open any application within one click. No more dreadful client and remembering of 1.000 passwords. Experience the workspace now.

Transform Windows- to web applications

Each day more web applications appear which function within the browser. Yet, there are still many software vendors who haven’t transformed their traditional software solutions to web applications. We help you by turning any traditional software solution to a HTML5 web app (no code change required), making it accessible on any device using the browser. Feel free to contact us.

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