On the road and on location, the simplest digital workspace

Support office and mobile employees an adaptive digital workspace for Transport and Logistics employees.

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Make sure transport and logistics employees can work efficiently

Within transport and logistics, it’s important that both those in the office and those on the road are up to date with their tasks and have access to the information and documents they need. A digital workplace can make a big difference. Whether it’s collaboration, communication or productivity, a digital workplace offers the opportunity to simplify processes and work more efficiently.

An adaptive digital workplace which is accessible from any device and any location

All business processes combined in one adaptive digital workplace

Share sensitive information securely through the adaptive digital workplace

Increase the productivity of your employees and stimulate collaboration

Stimulate collaboration with a digital workspace for transport and logistics

A digital workplace allows people in transport and logistics to collaborate and communicate with colleagues, regardless of whether they are in the office or on the road.

Within Workspace 365, we unite all your documents from SharePoint, OneDrive and the network drive into one easy-to-use Documents App. Bring news from SharePoint to the workplace and use user groups from Azure to give people rights and communicate with them in a targeted way.

Workspace 365 document app
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A role-based digital workplace

View the right information and applications at the right time, and the right place.

Workspace 365 can be easily customised for different user groups, and the workplace automatically adapts based on role, location, device, network and more.

This way, you enable secure and efficient location-independent working.

Whitepaper: What is Workspace 365?

In this whitepaper, you can read all about our mission, but most importantly, how Workspace 365 provides a personalised and digital work experience. 


How to use the workspace to simplify processes


How Workspace 365 creates a personalised workspace


De mission of Workspace 365

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