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Support office and mobile employees with the same simple digital workspace for the Transport & Logistics industry. 

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Why Transport & Logistics choose Workspace 365


Closes the communication gap and improves information sharing


Streamline processes with real-time data for logistics efficiency and be in the right place at the right time


View, edit and enter up-to-date information from anywhere


Personalised for every type of employee


Declines and increases with the amount of users


Super easy to use for every type of employee

Applications are moving to the browser, is your digital workspace too? 

Within the transport and logistics industry, it is important that both the people in the office and the people on the road and in the warehouse are up-to-date on their tasks.

Since more and more applications are moving to the browser, they are also becoming available for mobile employees. But how do you offer all these applications uniformly? 

The personalised digital workspace Workspace 365 gives every employee one login for all their information, documents and applications, wherever they are. This way, they quickly exchange information throughout the entire company and they have access to real-time information, which decreases errors and makes it possible to quickly intervene when necessary. 

One workspace for every type of employee, regardless of the underlying technology

Old and new technologies come together in Workspace 365. Because of this, you can bring both the file server, which might be to big to migrate, and modern document solutions (such as Office 365), together in one document app. Also office employees who still use a hosted desktop application can open it from the same workspace, with one single click, without having to install anything.

The same goes for news, documents and information, which is easily shareable between employees. Every employee has easy access to the right information at the right moment, so that all links in the chain are in line. This results in a smooth process, from supply and inventory management to transport and delivery.

Lower your workspace costs

From € 70,- per employee, per month, to € 15,- per employee per month

“We completely switched from Citrix to an online workspace with SaaS-solutions. This makes for a drastic reduction of licensing-, maintenance- and management costs. Now everyone can work on any device; this was not possible before.”

Maik Berkelmans

IT Architect, RSZK ZorgProfessionals

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