The right resources for the right people at the right time

One workspace to align people, processes, policies, technology and information and optimize the way people work.

Conquer complexity with Workspace 365

Keep control of your information flows and offer people only what is relevant to them, so everyone can focus on what is really important.

Unite all IT in one
secure workspace


Increase the adoption of underlying systems


Connect and simplify proceses


Improve the employee experience and productivity

Work smarter at every level

Efficient and organized

Unite all applications (web, legacy, local and hosted) with information, documents (SharePoint, OneDrive and file server) tasks, processes, intranet and more in one simple and personalized view – and make it easily and securely accessible from any device.  In addition, the document management system ensures that your document flow is efficient and organised.

Increase productivity

Let IT contribute to achieving organisational goals by enabling a smarter and more productive way of working (together) and sharing information, and getting more out of IT investments.

More focus, more impact

Optimise tasks and processes 

Save time and maintain focus by bringing specific information, tasks, processes and notifications from external apps to the workplace. This way you reduce switching between and searching through applications. This is easily done with the Activity feed API and Micro Apps.

Workspace and intranet in one

Why should your work tools be separated from the people and information you work with? Unite everything in one workspace and increase the impact of both. Get more out of your existing intranet investments, or use intranet components based on what your organisation needs.

Filter the information overload

How do you bring everything together in one place, without it becoming too much? Simple: by bringing together only the things that someone needs, and that are really relevant at that specific time. Personalise the workspace on a group or individual level with Conditional Access, among other things. 

Intranet werknemerstevredenheid

How a great intranet results in high employee satisfaction

Intranets were once static one-way channels for sharing company news. Modern intranets are interactive, dynamic, personalised and offer much more than just news. We explain how a modern and social intranet can boost employee satisfaction. The modern intranet: social,...
Information overload

The dangers of information overload and how to prevent it

Overwork, burn-outs, depression, reduced productivity and creativity: the consequences of information stress are diverse. But what exactly is information overload or stress? What are its causes? What harmful consequences can it lead to? And how can you prevent it - as...
Digital skills

How to improve the digital agility of your employees

However good the technology is that you implement, you might as well throw it in the bin if your  employees don’t embrace it. It is their digital agility that will largely determine the success of your digital initiatives, and thus of your digital transformation. But...
Update 3.32 Featured Image-01

Update: Boost productivity by turning off notifications in your Activity Feed and an optimised search bar

Information managers and CIOs pay attention: this update is all about maintaining people’s flow. The Hungarian-American psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, researched the psychological state of flow . In this article by Harvard Business Review, it says that when...

6 reasons to use application virtualization

Even nowadays, when everything is going to the cloud, virtualization remains important for IT functions. The latest statistics on virtualization suggest that 92% of organisations are using server virtualization, and only 29% have no IT virtualization initiative at...
Build a cross-functional team

How to build a cross-functional team for digital transformation: 6 steps

There’s no doubt that digital transformation is on the rise. Changing your business to deliver greater value in our ever-changing digital world is key. However, this transformation does not come easily. As with all new ventures, you’ll need a team that helps you along...
IT vs communications collaborate

How to improve collaboration between IT and Communications: 4 Tips

With digital transformation becoming more and more prominent in the business world, it only makes sense to keep up with the trends. One of these trends is creating cross-functional teams to help the process along smoothly. These teams are becoming a must. After all,...
hybrid adaptive workspace 365

Hybrid IT: Your bridge to the modern workspace 

Despite the rapid advancement of technology in the past few years, many organisations are still dealing with outdated systems and legacy technology. This is because adopting new technology can be a complex process. But, luckily, there’s a way to bridge the gap between...
Improve employee engagement

8 ways to improve employee engagement with a digital workspace

Keeping employees engaged in the workplace is becoming a hot topic among business owners and employers. You want your employees to be enthusiastic about their work and motivated to start their workdays - whether in the office or remotely. It will mean that they are...
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Deep dive into digital transformation: 8 articles

Digital transformation has become essential to survive in today’s business world. In order to keep up as a business and stay relevant, you need to become a digital business through digital transformation and keep up with trends. That’s why we’ve done a lot of research...
Ultimate guide to digital transformation PDF Workspace 365

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Transformation

In order to both thrive and survive in today’s digital world, organisations need to transform into a digital business. The way to do that? Digital transformation.

In this guide you will learn everything about the digital transformation process and the most important aspects of digital transformation:


Digital transformation drives and barriers


The digital transformation process


The role of culture, adoption and change management in digital transformation

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