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Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a service from Google that allows you to measure virtually all data from your website or application. As an administrator of a digital workplace, intranet or website, this gives you clear insight into the behavior of visitors or workspace users. For example, you can see how long they stay on a specific page or where they click.

How do Google Analytics and Workspace 365 work together?

The Google Analytics integration in Workspace 365 is easy to set by the workspace admin by inserting a custom HTML code (e.g. Google Tag Manager).

With this code you can point to any page and collect data for analysis. This allows you to measure, for example, the use of certain parts (such as the document app, email app or workspace) and the adoption of the workspace.

Additionally, you can link Google Analytics to Microsoft Power BI. This allows you to show the most important information within live tiles in Workspace 365.


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