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Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

With Microsoft Teams, you can communicate more effectively and collaborate easily with colleagues. One of the most important features is that you can (video) chat one-on-one or with complete teams. Within Microsoft Teams, you can easily organize your team channels and manage chats, files, notes, apps and more. You can also access your calendar and add new appointments directly from within Microsoft Teams.

How do Microsoft Forms and Workspace 365 work together?

You can integrate Microsoft Teams in Workspace 365 with the Microsoft Teams live tile. In this live tile, you can find all your Teams channels and navigate to them easily. When you click on a channel, you can open it via Microsoft Teams Online, via Microsoft Teams locally or in your Documents App. Within the Workspace 365 Documents App you can quickly find all files from your Microsoft Teams channels, in the same place as your OneDrive for Business, SharePoint and fileserver files. This allows you to bring a piece of your social intranet to the workspace and integrate and access all your files and information from one central location.


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