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Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD by Microsoft)

What is Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)?

Windows Virtual Desktop from Microsoft offers application and desktop virtualization. This means you can open applications that are not installed locally on your device. It’s similar to a Remote Desktop service, although it doesn’t require your organization to have and maintain servers of their own.

Windows Virtual Desktop runs in the cloud, in Azure. This allows you to offer applications and complete desktops to people, one that fully supports all Microsoft 365 products – which could be a challenge with some Remote Desktop services. It’s also more scalable and allows admins to spend a lot less time managing, as they’re no longer responsible for hosting, updates and maintenance, for example.

How do Windows Virtual Desktop and Workspace 365 work together?

So how does Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) work in the adaptive workspace? It’s simple. Admins can make Windows Virtual Desktop (applications) available to people using permissions. When a person has access to WVD they can add it to their workspace – if the admin hasn’t already done so – click on it and open it from their workspace. Yes: it’s really that easy. When using Windows Virtual Desktop from Workspace 365 you have the following advantages:

  • A single login to all remote applications and the hosted dekstop
  • You don’t have to install anything, just open your applications or the desktop with one click
  • Easy to manage thanks to our comprehensive workspace management tools including; Maintenance mode, role-based application groups and Conditional Access allowing the workspace to adapt to people’s role, location, device, browser and more.
  • Offer one digital workspace with all web, local and remote applications. In the same place where all information from the intranet, applications, Micro Apps, documents and Microsoft 365 (previously: Office 365) are integrated.


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