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What is YouTube?

YouTube is the most widely used video website for viewing, sharing and uploading videos. You can register for free and get your own channel to watch your videos. As an organization you can also upload videos and categorize them into playlists. Videos can be made available as public videos but it is also possible to make them available only when someone has a link to the video. One awesome channel you should subscribe to.

How do YouTube and Workspace 365 work together?

Within Workspace 365 you can integrate any video from YouTube. This gives people access to all their applications, information and organizational news as well as the videos in their digital workspace. You can integrate YouTube videos into the workplace in the following ways:

  • Through the Web Content tile you can add a single video
  • Add your organisation’s YouTube channel via the RSS feed
  • Paste the URL of a YouTube video or playlist into the YouTube tile and it will appear in your workspace.

So you can share news, updates and other important information with a YouTube video.


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