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What is Zermelo?

Zermelo is a Dutch scheduling system for high schools. In their system schedules can be made even at individual student level, exam weeks can be efficiently organised, new timetablers can be educated, and much more. As market leader in the Netherlands, Zermelo’s system is used at over 320 locations throughout the Netherlands by over 500,000 students.  

How do Zermelo and Workspace 365 work together?

By displaying your schedule in your workspace, you reduce the times that students and teachers need to switch between different systems. They have access to their applications and information from different systems, like Microsoft 365, in one portal. This will save up to hours a week per person.

It’s now possible to connect Zermelo to the Schedule micro app for education. You will have instant insight into which class you have, when and where. All the schedule information will be automatically displayed in your workspace. This means that you don’t have to manually enter each class into your schedule.

Apart from the schedule information you will find other elements in your digital workspace, like:

  • Documents and email
  • News feed and announcements
  • Service tickets
  • Videos
  • Any type of application

Want to find out more about the digital workplace for Education? Discover all about it in the whitepaper: The Digital Student.



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