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27 February 2024

How the Workspace 365 Hub meets intranet needs

Kelly van der Horst

In today's digital age, having an intranet has become crucial for organisations looking to streamline internal communication, enhance collaboration, and increase productivity. One of our key features that addresses these needs is the Workspace 365 Hub. In this article, we will explore the functionalities and value of this powerful Hub, and how it caters to the intranet requirements of organisations.

Intranet vs the Workspace 365 Hub

Intranets play a crucial role in breaking down barriers between departments and stimulating collaboration between teams and colleagues. They enable employees to quickly and effortlessly access relevant information, including best practices and company policies. In addition, intranets facilitate the sharing of knowledge among colleagues. These internal platforms have become essential tools for organisations aiming to enhance internal communication and foster efficient collaboration.

The Workspace 365 Hub offers an all-in-one solution that meets these intranet needs effectively. We simplify communication by streamlining internal communication, centralising information, organising events, promoting social interaction, and facilitating targeted communication. The Hub provides HR and communication managers with a powerful toolset to enhance their organisation's Digital Employee Experience (DEX).

Increase employee engagement with the Hub

The Hub facilitates knowledge-sharing, and promotes social interaction within your organisation - a critical aspect considering the rise of mobile workers or hybrid workforces in many organisations today.

To ensure effective communication, the Hub allows you to display information in different groups based on departments, functions, or geographical locations. This targeted approach prevents information overload and ensures that employees receive the most relevant updates without unnecessary noise. By providing a personalised experience, the Hub optimises knowledge sharing and employee engagement.

Streamlined internal communication

Efficient communication within a digital workplace is essential for keeping employees informed and engaged. The Hub allows you to share news through announcements effortlessly. With just a few clicks, important updates can be sent to the entire organisation or specific groups. This feature ensures that everyone stays up-to-date with the latest news, fostering better communication within your organisation.

Centralise information

The Hub's Knowledge articles provide easy access to important company-wide documents and information. By bringing everything together in one central place, you can save valuable time. Employees can quickly find relevant resources without wasting time searching different platforms or channels.

Manage events

Easily manage events with the Hub. You can easily create and customise event details such as type (online, physical, or hybrid), payment options, available places, registration periods, and more. Colleagues can effortlessly register for events while seamlessly syncing event details with their Outlook calendar. This streamlined approach simplifies event planning and participation.

Improved internal communication for Christelijk College Groevenbeek

With our digital workplace, they improved their internal communication and connected all departments and teams within their organisation.

Groevenbeek EN

How Christelijk College Groevenbeek improved internal communication

In terms of communication at Christelijk College Groevenbeek, there were some challenges with the channels used. The information was spread through various channels, making it hard for staff to easily access and find what they needed. However, the primary mode of communication within the college was through email. A weekly newsletter filled with a lot of news updates was sent. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming amount of information in the newsletter, it wasn't always thoroughly read by staff members, resulting in them missing out on important updates.

The Hub plays a vital role in enhancing communication and facilitating efficient collaboration among the staff members at Christelijk College Groevenbeek. It serves as a central platform where important news and updates are shared.

Christelijk College Groevenbeek limited the number of announcements to three per day, and the Hub ensures that the information remains organised and easily accessible. This allows for swift dissemination of significant announcements like birth news, job openings, and school activities to all staff members.

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