Case study: A future based workspace for Waardeburgh

In this e-book, you’ll find out how Waardeburgh solved multiple challenges with the implementation of Workspace 365, the lessons learned and more!


Implementation of Workspace 365 at Waardeburgh


The impact on the organisation, departments and employees


Key features of the Workspace of Waardeburgh

Just one more step…

About Waardeburgh

Waardeburgh is a Dutch care organisation with over 900 employees and 600 volunteers. Waardeburgh focuses on the care and well-being of the elderly with the aim to maintain independence for as long as possible.

They do this within 4 care facilities, and by providing home care and household help. Following a market and needs analysis within Waardeburgh, a strategic and future-based vision for IT was created, by their own IT department. This formed the project: Future of IT, of which the new digital workspace was part.

About Aspect ICT

Aspect ICT implemented Workspace 365 at Waardeburgh, to solve the challenges Waardeburgh was facing. Aspect ICT supports with the right resources and processes to enable more targeted communication and to enable people to work more efficiently, so that they can engage in the activities that are really important.

Every company is unique. That is why Aspect ICT starts a dialogue with their customer first, so that they can deliver custom work that fits perfectly and offers the best combination of ICT infrastructure and the software that operates on it. Moreover, if there are any new wishes or challenges, they are ready to support their customer. Additionally, the account managers and service managers of Aspect ICT make sure that every project are on the right track.