We have to perform a lot of tasks each working day, and how annoying is it if you constantly need to search for the right application to perform these tasks? In our digital workspace, we’ve integrated the Activity Feed. I will explain what the Activity Feed is, and how it will make your work life a lot easier.

What is the Activity Feed?

Since you receive and need so much information during your working days, it’s very important that you can see all this information in one overview. This way, you’re not constantly searching for your information and you save a lot of time, which you can then spend on what is important: your work.
With the Activity Feed you are able to create notifications yourself, join a meeting, and perform tasks immediately. This way, you are immediately informed of things you find important and have this information sent to you intelligently from various systems.
For example, you can bring information from your calendar, intranet and all your other information flows together in one place. You can get a notifications and from e.g. incoming tickets, new blog posts from the marketing team, and request days off. But you can also perform tasks, like accepting or declining a holiday request.
The Activity Feed makes your digital workspace smarter and streamlines processes. By using Power Automate and Zapier, you can set up automated work processes.

Receive notifications from all your processes

We want to make sure that you can see all your primary and secondary processes in one single overview. This means, that your most important work tasks, like your schedule, documents and company information are combined with for example submitting expense claims, holiday requests, support tickets, and more.
Within the Activity Feed, you’ll receive notifications from all these processes. This way, you can instantly see new requests, and have overview of everything you need during your work day.

We’re constantly improving and expanding our Activity Feed. We’ve already made it possible to stack notifications from a specific category, to make sure you can easily find this information. We have stacks for categories like documents, emails, announcements, maintenance and available apps. When you receive a notification in your Activity Feed you’ll see an ‘unread’ dot in the corner. This way, you know when you have a new notification within that specific category.
We also offer the option to mute or unmute certain categories, to enable you to decide which notifications you want to receive and keep control over your information flows.

Announcement 1 - Activityfeed

Activity Feed API

Uniting information from different systems, and making sure employees receive notifications from these systems, prevents people from wasting hours on switching between applications and searching for information.

With our Activity Feed API you can bring notifications and business processes from other systems to your digital workspace. You can also link an action to these notifications, for example to accept or deny a holiday request.
Want to know more about how you can connect this API to your Activity Feed? Watch this Dutch Masterclass!

Focus op kerntaken verticals

Engage employees and enhance the employee experience

You now already know that the Activity Feed brings information together. But it does so much more! For HR and Communication Managers communication and collaboration are very important.
With the Activity Feed employees can receive notifications from the intranet and implement intranet elements to enhance the employee experience and engagement within the organisation, like:

  • Birthday live tile: By showing birthdays of people within the organisation, employees stay engaged with each other. You’ll receive a notification in your Activity Feed when it’s someones birthday. From there, you can easily congratulate someone (and make sure you bake a delicious cake for them 😉)
  • Announcement Centre: When you want to share images, videos or news with specific people through the Announcement Centre, you want them to receive a notification. Within the Activity Feed employees can easily see all their announcements.

Examples of notifications in the Activity Feed for:

Notifications Activityfeed HR & Com

Increase productivity with the Activity Feed

With all these notifications, processes and information, it’s important for employees that they don’t get an overload of information. That’s why we offer people only what is relevant to them, so they can focus on their work. This means that the Activity Feed only shows information that is relevant to them.

By bringing all the tasks, processes and information employees need to Activity Feed, you enable a more productive way of working, and enable your employees to work as efficiently as possible.

More time to focus on core tasks for different verticals

We work with a lot of different organisations to help them achieve more, by contributing to a happier work life. We do this for different verticals, to support the ones who are vital to our society. Here’s an example of processes and notifications that are important for our top three verticals! 👇🏻

Focus on core taks verticals
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