The last couple of updates we’ve been focusing on the Hub and the mobile app. With new improvements and additions every three weeks, we’re happy to announce our newest features that’ll boost social interaction in your digital workspace.

Improved Knowledge Base features

In this update, we have four new features in the Knowledge base. Our focus on these new features are improvements for social collaboration.

The first improvement of the Knowledge Base is the overview where you’ll see the most important and most viewed items.

The second improvement will be the notification in the Activity Feed when an article is updated or newly created. When you have created an article and want to publish it, you’ll get the option to create a notification or leave it without a notification. This way you can make sure all your colleagues are up to date about important changes or new updates.

The third improvement is the option to directly open the edit function from an article. Easily navigate to the article or the announcement you’ve created, and you’ll see a pen-icon in the top right corner of the Knowledge Base screen. Once you’ve clicked on this icon, you’ll be able to edit the article. Once again, you’ll have the option to notify your colleagues through the Activity Feed.

Finally, it’s now easier to share information that’s in the Knowledge Base with your colleagues. Easily share a direct link to the article from the Knowledge Base. This will save you time redirecting your colleague to the Knowledge item and therefore makes it easier to share the information.

Reply to comments in the Hub

In our previous update, we announced the option to give a react on a comment in the Hub using an emoji. Now, you’ll be able to reply to comments. This will boost social interaction and will allow you to start interesting discussions about a certain topic. This feature is only applicable for announcements (not for Knowledge Items) as there isn’t an option to add a comment.

Reply on comments ENG

The launch of our mobile app

Last month we officially launched our native mobile app! It’s now much easier to go to your personal workspace from any device. Easily contact your colleagues via the Address Book, find all the information you’re looking for and stay connected with your organisation. If you haven’t downloaded our app yet; what are you waiting for? Download the mobile app now in our iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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Update: Add knowledge items, better image preview and more!

Update: Add knowledge items, better image preview and more!

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Update: Improve social interaction in the digital workspace

Update: Improve social interaction in the digital workspace

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